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Wealth Accumulation

Flexi Goal

Reach your life goals with assurance and ease

As your family grows, you feel responsible for helping your loved ones reach their life goals and aspirations. With rising education costs and living expenses, and the possibility of life-changing events over the years, protecting your family’s future while preparing for your own retirement deserves proper planning.

Flexi Goal, a regular premium endowment insurance plan, offers high potential returns and flexible premium payment options so that you can plan better and achieve your life goals faster with certainty — whether you want a home upgrade, tertiary education for your children, or a well-deserved golden retirement. You will also enjoy protection against Death1, Total and Permanent Disability2 and Terminal Illness while saving for your future.

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How Flexi Goal works?

With Flexi Goal , you can reach your life goals with assurance and ease. 

Key Benefits


High potential returns

Attractive yield to maturity as high as 4.04% p.a.*


Capital guaranteed upon maturity3

All the premiums you put into your plan are guaranteed when the policy matures.


Highly customisable plan

Choose from a range of premium payment terms: Limited-Pay over 5 or 10 years, or Full-Pay from 10 to 40 years.


Guaranteed acceptance

Enjoy a straightforward and hassle-free application process with no medical underwriting required.


Enhanced coverage options for added assurance

Boost your protection by adding supplementary riders such as Payer Benefit or Premium Waiver rider.

How Flexi Goal works

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