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GREAT Lifetime Income Special

Wealth Accumulation

GREAT Lifetime Income Special

#Lifeproof your future with lifelong income

Shape the life journey you envision by building a lifetime of income so you can maintain your lifestyle and leave a financial legacy for your next generation and even the one after that.


GREAT Lifetime Income Special, a participating whole life plan provides an income stream throughout your life, giving you the freedom to experience life’s luxuries with your loved ones. Starting from the 4th policy anniversary, you have the choice to receive monthly payouts or accumulate the payouts for future withdrawal. 


With a short premium commitment of only 3 years starting from S$10,000 a year, it’s easy to grow your wealth and at the same time, leave a positive legacy that enables your loved ones to have a better future.


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Key benefits

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Receive monthly payouts for life

From the 4th policy anniversary, receive monthly payouts* of up to 3.90% per annum of your total annual premiums paid, for a lifetime.  Your policy’s cash value continues to grow even as you receive monthly income.


Choice to accumulate payouts for potentially higher returns

Enjoy the option to accumulate your monthly payouts at up to 3.00% per annum for potentially higher returns.


A gift of legacy that lasts for generations

Receive a lump sum benefit of 105% of the total annual premiums paid plus any bonuses in the event of death or terminal illness.

Here's how GREAT Lifetime Income Special provides income for life

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