Wealth Accumulation

Prime Rewards

Guaranteed annual payouts and protection, with just a one-time payment

For just one upfront premium payment - and without any medical check-ups - Prime Rewards provides you with a guaranteed annual income for your choice of 10, 15 or 17 years, plus coverage against death and total and permanent disability1. And, if you choose to reinvest your annual payouts, you will also receive additional accumulated interest.

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Key benefits


Receive cash every year

After an accumulation period of three or five years, you’ll get an annual payout of up to 10.5% of your premium, plus an annual cash bonus2 .


Re-invest for greater returns

To receive higher returns, simply re-invest your annual payouts and cash bonuses to earn interest3 .


Enjoy easy, guaranteed signup

As long you're below 70 years of age, you can sign up without having to go for any medical check-ups4 .


Get the flexibility you need

To suit your financial goals and budget, Prime Rewards offers you a choice of three savings and payout periods.

How Prime Rewards works