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Wealth Accumulation

Prime Rewards

#Lifeproof your retirement goals with a guaranteed income stream

Retire any way you want. Be it an early retirement or a year long vacation, we can craft a plan together to fit your needs.


Take control of your financial well-being in your retirement years with Prime Rewards, a single-premium participating endowment plan. Whether you are still in the workforce or a retiree up to the age of 70*, you’re welcome to sign up! This plan offers easy and guaranteed acceptance – with no medical underwriting needed.


Realise your retirement dreams with us.

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Key benefits


Receive guaranteed cashback and cash bonuses

Enjoy yearly income stream with a guaranteed cashback of up to 10.5% of the single premium. Plus, receive non-guaranteed cash bonuses of up to 3.44% of the single premium that are paid out annually during the payout period.


Flexibility of plan choices to suit your lifestyle

Depending on your lifestyle needs, choose to receive a yearly income stream for a period of 10, 15 or 17 years. 


Enjoy protection and peace of mind as you save 

Safeguard against life’s unwanted surprises while growing your wealth. Prime Rewards protects you against Death as well as Total and Permanent Disability2

How Prime Rewards works

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