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Grow and preserve your legacy with Prestige Partners

Prestige Partners
Get exclusive access to bespoke financial services, experiences and privileges.
Prestige Partners
Partnering with you to inspire greatness.
Prestige Partners
Enjoy best-in-class service at our Prestige Suite.

Give your wealth the attention it deserves

Wealth. Earned with tenacity and grown with acumen. Preserved with sound stewardship.

As one of Singapore's largest and established financial advisory groups, we help our customers achieve their goals and design their legacy, with expert financial planning services, personalised wealth accumulation and asset management solutions.

Our Prestige Partners representatives are also specially handpicked to complete the professional training conducted by the Wealth Management Institute - Singapore's leading independent training provider for private banking, supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.




Exclusive Privileges for Prestige Partners Customers

Be served by our very best

Be served by our very best

A handpicked team of elite and experienced Prestige Partners Financial Representatives, equipped to serve you better.

Access to expert insights

Access to expert insights

Enjoy a curated selection of articles and seminars/webinars from our Prestige Partners representatives - from legacy planning to wealth preservation and growth.

Gain access to world-class medical facilities

Gain access to world-class medical facilities

Enjoy a seamless medical experience with VIP medical services at our selection of healthcare clinics.

Invitation-only bespoke events

Invitation-only bespoke events

Receive exclusive invitations to bespoke lifestyle events and seminars.

Exclusive access to Prestige Partners Suites

Exclusive access to Prestige Partners Suites

Experience best-in-class service in our Prestige Partners suites.

Independent legal, tax planning and trust services

Independent legal, tax planning and trust services

Gain access to a suite of services from tax planning, trust services to inheritance planning.

Our Prestige Product Series

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Legacy Planning:

Prestige Harvest

Leave a lasting legacy. Enjoy your golden years.

Prestige Life Gold 2

Protection for a lifetime, a legacy for generations.

Prestige Life Rewards 3

Pay a one-time premium to recieve or accumulate attractive monthly payouts.


Prestige Portfolio

Customise and manage your investments with our wide range of funds.

Start your journey with your Prestige Partners representatives today.



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