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SixClouds Digital Leads Generation Campaign


SixClouds Digital Leads Generation Campaign

The collaboration with SixClouds will provide a free 3-month trial of their S.M.I.L.E Programme (Singapore Math Innovative Learning Experience) for all acquired leads; a Math learning programme catered for Primary 1 to Secondary 2 through a systematic approach to understand mathematical concepts developed with ex-MOE teachers.

This will open a window of opportunity for you to acquire leads digitally and in a less intimidating way.

  • Interested Representative will be required to purchase a minimum of 200 S.M.I.L.E Trial accounts to be utilised in 4 months
  • Each S.M.I.L.E Trial account - $1 (before GST).
  • Each S.M.I.L.E Trial account consists of close to 100 lesson videos, a Full Year’s topics, topical quizzes and downloadable worksheets.
  • Representative will receive an individual PURL for the registration form on the free 3-Month Sixclouds S.M.I.L.E Programme Trial which will be used to disseminate to customers and prospects.
  • A FREE 6-month GREAT S.M.I.L.E Protection Plan (S$20,000 Accidental Death Benefit) will be offered to the children whose parents have signed up for the 3-months Sixclouds S.M.I.L.E Programme Trial.  
  • The parents must complete the online enrollment form within three (3) months from the date of activation of the 3-Month Sixclouds S.M.I.L.E Programme Trial.

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I would like to participate in the SixClouds Digital Leads Generation Campaign and understand that I need to purchase 200 S.M.I.L.E Trial accounts at $1/- each and make payment directly to SixClouds.


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Promotion terms and conditions apply. Click here for full terms and conditions.

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