AIPRO Group Personal Accident Policy

How to make a claim?

Complete the Personal Accident claim form and submit it with all the required documents directly to Great Eastern via email to

Documents to be submitted for claim processing includes:

For Death

  • A copy of the Death Certificate
  • Autopsy Report, Coroner’s findings, etc.
  • Police Report, if any
  • Letter of Administration/Probate/Will (only for any claim exceeding $150,000)
  • Proof of relationship between the deceased and claimant

For Permanent Disablement and Temporary Disablement claim

  • Medical report from attending doctor
  • Copy of Medical Certificates

For Medical Expenses Claim:

  • Original Medical Bills and Receipts
  • Inpatient discharge summary in the case of hospitalisation
  • Medical report from attending doctor

The above serve as a list of basic documents. In the event if a more thorough investigation is required for your claim in particular, we may request for additional documents.


The claim form is available for download.

Please submit your claims directly to Great Eastern via email to