Great Eastern’s Dad Bod Song Challenge Giveaway - Terms & Conditions


  1. The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited (“Great Eastern”)’s “Dad Bod Song Challenge Giveaway” (the “Giveaway”) is open to selected individuals who have provided their complete information in the prescribed format at paragraph 3 to Great Eastern within the Giveaway Period (as defined below) (“Participants”). 10 of the eligible Participants will win a Decathlon E-Gift Card worth $100 each (“Prize”).

  2. The duration of the Giveaway shall be from on 18 June 2021 to 2359 hours on 25 June 2021 (“Giveaway Period”).

  3. To qualify for the Giveaway, Participants must:
    a. ‘Like’ this post and give us a follow on our Instagram page (@greateasternsg)
    b. Make your guess in the comments and tell us why you think your dad needs this gift card the most
    c. Hashtag #GreatEasternSG and tag your dad if he’s on Instagram too!

    Participants must provide the correct answer to Point (b) as well to be eligible for the Giveaway.

  4. Each entry submitted by a Participant must be made strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions herein before the entry shall be deemed eligible for the Giveaway.

  5. By participating in the Giveaway, the Participants represents and warrants for the benefit of Great Eastern that the information submitted in each entry to Great Eastern is true, accurate, complete and up to date.

  6. By participating in the Giveaway, each participant agrees and consents to Great Eastern and its related corporations (collectively, the "Companies"), as well as their respective representatives, the Companies' authorised service providers and relevant third parties (the Companies and all the other foregoing parties, collectively, “Great Eastern Persons”), collecting, using, disclosing, and/or sharing amongst themselves such personal data, for purposes reasonably required by the Companies to conduct the Giveaway which the participant is signing up for and such other purposes as described in Great Eastern's Privacy Statement (collectively, the “Purposes”) which is accessible from Great Eastern Singapore’s website, which each participant confirms they have read and understood.

    Each participant’s consent herein supplements but does not supersede nor replace any other consents which that participant may have previously provided to Great Eastern Persons, and each participant’s consents herein are cumulative and additional to any rights which any of the Great Eastern Persons may have to collect, use, and/or disclose of a participant’s Personal Data, with or without that participant’s consent, to the extent permitted under applicable law.

    In addition, where personal data of any person is disclosed by a participant, that participant further confirms and represents that the participant has obtained the consent of the person concerned for the Purposes, unless such consent is not required under applicable laws: (i) to collect such personal data; (ii) for the disclosure of such personal data to the Great Eastern Persons; and (iii) for the Great Eastern Persons’ collection, use and/or disclosure of such personal data.

  7. Great Eastern shall at its sole and absolute discretion, select at random ten (10) Participants from Instagram submissions as winners (each a “Winner”, collectively “Winners”). Winners will be selected from all qualified entries. Only entries that meet all parts of the contest’s mechanics will be considered. Winners will be disqualified from the Giveaway if they’ve won a prize from participating in any Great Eastern contests on Great Eastern’s social media platforms in the past 3 months. Names and contact details (e-mail address) of the Winner will need to be collected for prize fulfilment purposes. . Each winner is entitled to one (1) Decathlon E-Gift Card worth $100 each. Winners of the Giveaway will be contacted within one (1) week after the end of the Contest via a private message. If a Winner cannot be contacted or does not respond to the private message by 5 July 2021, the Prize will be forfeited, withdrawn or given to a reserve winner at the sole and absolute discretion of Great Eastern. The delivery of the Decathlon E-Gift Card will be sent in a digital format to the email address provided by the winner to Great Eastern via private message on Instagram. If a Winner responds to accept the prize but fails to provide sufficient or accurate information (including but not limited to Winner providing an invalid email address or failing to provide an email address/name) to enable Great Eastern to deliver the Prize by 30 July 2021, the Prize will be forfeited and Great Eastern shall be entitled to select another winner. Should a Participant be deemed ineligible after the announcement of all Winners has been made, Great Eastern reserves the right to disqualify such Participants and forfeit the Prize.

  8. Each Participant may submit unlimited entries. However, Participants must tag different friends in each comment in order for the comment to be considered one (1) entry. Contest entries will be disqualified if profiles are determined to be fake accounts or spambots. Entries must be submitted by the deadline stated in the Giveaway post (the “Deadline”). All times stated are in Singapore Time, UTC +08:00. Great Eastern reserves the right to amend the Deadline at any time without prior notice. All entries received thereafter will automatically be disqualified.

  9. Winners must be a follower of Great Eastern Singapore’s Instagram account (@greateasternsg) at the point of collection of the Prize.

  10. Participants grant Great Eastern the rights necessary for distribution and public display of any content submitted as part of this Giveaway, and hereby grants Great Eastern on a royalty-free basis the perpetual right to exclusively and without limitation freely use, modify, edit, copy, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, translate, create derivative works from, alter and publicly display or publish any such intellectual property rights, for whatever purpose, in any form or medium, either on Great Eastern’s Instagram/ Facebook page or elsewhere, whether promotional or in other activities or events arranged by Great Eastern, whether locally or worldwide.

  11. Participants also grant Great Eastern the right to use such participant’s name, account handle, likeness, biographical information and photo used on Instagram for any purpose, including without limitation, advertising and promotional purposes as well as in, on or in connection with Instagram/ Facebook pages or the Giveaway or other promotions, and hereby release Great Eastern from any liability with respect thereto.

  12. Great Eastern reserves the right to disqualify and withdraw the participation of any person who is non-compliant with the terms and conditions of the Campaign, in its sole and absolute discretion.

  13. Great Eastern reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions or withdraw this Giveaway at any time without prior notice. The Prize is not exchangeable for cash or for any other items.

  14. Great Eastern shall not be liable for any incomplete, lost, late, damaged, illegible or misdirected Entries for any reason whatsoever or problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, providers or technical problems, or any combination thereof.

  15. Information on how to participate in the Giveaway shall form part of these terms and conditions governing the Giveaway.

  16. Great Eastern’s decisions in all matters related to the Giveaway, prizes and prize winner shall be final. No correspondence or appeals shall be entertained in relation thereto.

  17. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any marketing or other promotional materials or communications relating to the Giveaway, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

  18. The Giveaway and these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. The Courts of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from these terms and conditions, including the validity and enforceability thereof.

  19. By participating in the Giveaway, Participants hereby agree to all the terms and conditions of participation in the Giveaway as set out herein, including all amendments, additions, replacements and modifications hereto as may from time to time be made by Great Eastern.