It’s a Wrap! campaign FAQ

1. What is It’s a Wrap! campaign about?

It’s a Wrap! Campaign is a log in and win campaign that allow existing and new users who log in Great Eastern Rewards app each month to stand a chance to win a Dyson AirwrapTM Styler Complete!

2. Who is eligible for the campaign?

Applicable to all existing users and new users who has sign up for an account on the Great Eastern Rewards App during the campaign period.

3. How do I know if I am eligible for the It’s a Wrap! Shake & Win campaign?

Eligible users will be informed via email and in-app notification on the It’s a Wrap! Shake & Win within 3 days after the end of the sign up month.         

4. How can I win the Dyson AirwrapTM  Styler Complete?

The Dyson AirwrapTM  Styler Complete can be won through the participation of the It’s a Wrap! Shake & Win campaign.

5. How many sets of Dyson AirwrapTM  Styler Complete to be won?

7 sets to be given away each month from April to May 2022 and 14 sets to be given away each month from June to September 2022

6. How many shakes do each eligible user gets?

Each eligible user will be entitled to 1 shake per day for 3 days of the campaign period.

7. How do I know if I won the Dyson AirwrapTM  Styler Complete?

Winners will receive the Dyson AirwrapTM  Styler Complete e-Voucher won via the Shake & Win which will be stored under "My Vouchers”.

8. Where do I collect my prize?

You will need to follow the instruction stated on the e-Voucher for collection.

9. Can I get someone else to collect the prize on behalf?

You may gift the e-Voucher through the app to someone with the app to collect the gift on behalf. You may tap on the “GiftBox” icon on right side of the e-Voucher to perform the gifting function.

10. What is Gift Credits?

The Great Eastern Gift Credits promotion is a customer reward for all Great Eastern (GELS) policyholders who have at least one inforced Life or Accident & Health Great Eastern policy as at 31st January 2021 including the Dependants’ Protection Scheme and ElderShield Basic.

11. How do I apply the $100 Gift Credits on the policy that I want to purchase?

Step 1:

Show the Gift Credits code beginning with GCXXXXXXXX to your Great Eastern Financial Representative for input into their policy application app (GreatAdvice), Online Sales Platform, or show it to the Customer Service cashier if you are paying over the counter.

Step 2:

Once Gift Credits code is applied, you will see the updated balance premium amount to be paid

Step 3:

Upon successful payment, Gift Credits used will be reflected in your “Transaction History” under Great Eastern Rewards app “Me” page

Step 4:

For more information, please refer to the Terms & Conditions here.

12. Why I didn’t receive my $100 Gift Credits after signing up?

You will need to be a Great Eastern Life policyholders including DPS, Eldershield and OCBC Bancassurance customers before 31 Jan 2022 to receive the voucher. Do ensure that you verified as policyholder on your Great Eastern Rewards app.

13. What products are available to purchase with the Gift Credits?

To find out products eligible for Gift Credits, visit

14. How do I know if I am eligible for $100 Gift Credits?

  • New app users will need to download, sign up & verify as a Policyholder on Great Eastern Rewards app, if eligible, Gift Credits will be in app "My Vouchers". If you have any further query, please contact:
  • Existing app users who have already verified as a Policyholder just have to login to Great Eastern Rewards app.

15. Can Gift Credits be used for Renewal?

No, it cannot be used for Renewal.

16. Can Gift Credits be gifted to Friends and Family Member?

Gift Credits cannot be gifted.