Reach for Great food and travel rewards Frequently Asked Questions

 General Questions of GER App:

1.       What is Great Eastern Rewards?

Great Eastern Rewards is a rewards platform that allows all to enjoy greater deals and offers every day.

2.       Who can sign up for Great Eastern Rewards and is it free?

Great Eastern Rewards is free for all to use. If you register in Great Eastern Rewards as a Great Eastern customer, you will be able to enjoy more deals. 

3.       How do I sign up for an account on Great Eastern Rewards App?

Download Great Eastern Rewards from the respective app store. Once downloaded, tap on “Sign up”, enter a valid email address and create a password. If you are a Great Eastern customer, please register and follow the steps as indicated within the app.

4.       I have difficulties in downloading Great Eastern Rewards App. What can I do?

Please use the latest software version of your mobile phone. Great Eastern Rewards app is compatible with:

a.       iOS 14 and above

b.       Android OS 11 and above.  

Account Related:

1.       What should I do if my account is locked?

Please tap on “Forget password” and enter the email address used during sign up. Check your mailbox and/or junk box for instructions to reset your password.

2.       What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Go to the login screen and tap “Forget password”. An email with the verification code will be sent to your registered email address.

3.       How do I reset my password?

To reset password, tap on “Forget password” at the login screen.

4.       How do I verify myself as a Great Eastern policyholder in Great Eastern Rewards?

You may verify yourself after you have successfully created your account by tapping “Verify as Great Eastern Policyholder” under the “Me” tab.

Step by Step Guide:

To synchronize your Great Eastern Rewards account:

a.      Select “Me” at the bottom tab

b.      Select “Verify as Great Eastern Customer”

c.      Enter your ID type and ID number

d.      Confirm your mobile number and receive a 6-digit verification code via SMS

e.      Complete verification with your 6-digit verification code

Technical Related:

1.       I can’t log in, what should I do?

Please ensure:

a.       You have already signed up for a Great Eastern Rewards account

b.       You have entered a correct password

If the issue persists, please contact us:

By Email:

By Phone:

1800 248 2888 (for local calls)

+65 6248 2888 (for overseas calls)

9am – 5.30pm, Mon – Fri.

2.       During the verification as a Great Eastern policyholder, I did not receive the OTP (One-Time Password).

Please check:

a.       The mobile number shown in the verification process is correct

b.       You have good mobile network coverage

If the mobile number indicated in the verification process differs from your current mobile number, please contact us.

By Email:

By Phone:

1800 248 2888 (for local calls)

+65 6248 2888 (for overseas calls)

9am – 5.30pm, Mon – Fri.

3.       The Great Eastern Rewards app is not working, what should I do?

a.       Check that you have the most updated version of Great Eastern Rewards

b.       Check that your iOS / Android OS is updated to support the app

c.       Try restarting your mobile phone and relaunching the app

If the problem remains unresolved, please contact us at

Rewards Related:

1.       Why I can’t see the “Reach for Great food and travel rewards” campaign on my app?

The “Reach for Great food and travel rewards” Campaign is only eligible for Great Eastern customers on Great Eastern Rewards app.

2.       How do I check if I am eligible for the campaign?

Existing app users who have already verified as a policyholder just have to login to Great Eastern Rewards app to locate the campaign on the “Home” page of the app.

New app users: download, sign up & verify as a Policyholder on Great Eastern Rewards app, if eligible, the campaign can be seen on the “Home” page of the app. if you have any further query, please contact:

3.       Where can I find the campaign on the app?

The “Reach for Great food and travel rewards” campaign can be found on the “Home” page of the app once you have verified your account as Great Eastern Customer.

4.       What time will the vouchers be restocked?

The Oddle Eats Voucher Giveaway shall take place from 0000 hours on Friday, 26 August 2022 and will end at 2359 hours on 30 August 2022. The KrisFlyer miles Giveaway shall take place from 0000 hours to 2359 hours on Monday, 29 August 2022 only. The Giveaway periods are as set out in the table below (“Giveaway Period”).


Giveaway Period


Oddle Eats Voucher Giveaway

26 – 30 August 2022

·       500 pairs of $6 Oddle Eats Voucher per day

KrisFlyer miles Giveaway

29 August 2022

·       25 x 27,000 KrisFlyer miles up for grabs. 5 at each timing: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm.

5.       The voucher on the app is shown as used when I have not used it on merchant site.

Once you have clicked “Use Now” button, the voucher will be considered as used on Great Eastern Rewards app as voucher code has been released. If you have not used on the merchant’s site, you may do so by entering the voucher code obtained through Great Eastern Rewards app.

6.       I have entered the wrong KrisFlyer membership number. What should I do?

If you have entered the wrong KrisFlyer membership number, kindly write in to to inform us immediately for us to check.

7.       How long will the KrisFlyer miles takes to be credited into my account.

Miles will take 5 - 7 working days to process after submitting the form via Great Eastern Rewards app.

8.       Can I gift the KrisFlyer miles to my friend’s KrisFlyer account as I do not have an account for myself?

You may fill in the form with your preferred KrisFlyer account details and the miles will be credited based on the account number you have provided.






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