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The Life Company


As Singapore's most established insurer, Great Eastern has been serving and protecting Singaporeans for over 111 years now. What this means is that we understand your minds and hearts better than anyone else. 
We know Singaporeans are marrying later, and having children even later. We know the young adults just starting work and the challenges they face in their busy lives. We know the couples with children to support, and elderly parents to care for.
And regardless of who you are, or the kind of life you lead, we've designed our products, services and even health and wellness initiatives to constantly evolve to meet your needs at every stage of life. 

Our Agents Of Life

We have committed to providing protection for Singaporeans for generations. But we are only as good as our people, the people at the heart of The Life Company. Meet our Financial Advisors and find out what drives them to go beyond their job as the #AgentsOfLife

GREAT Family Care

At Great Eastern, we understand the reality of family life in Singapore, that many of you are sandwiched between raising young children and having to look after aging parents. And we also know how overwhelming things can become if illness comes into the picture.

That’s why we’ve created GREAT Family Care, the first-ever, multi-generational Critical Illness term plan with comprehensive coverage for you and your family, with no medical assessment required for your children and parents. We believe unconditional love should never become unaffordable.

GREAT Personal Protector

As The Life Company, we know that Singaporeans are amongst those in the region who invest the most in the next generation.

And investing in our children means giving them both the wings and roots to grow up confidently, and encouraging them to push themselves mentally and physically.

With up to $3 million in coverage, Great Eastern has tailored its accident protection plan to cater to your active lifestyles and help you and your loved ones boldly navigate the ups and downs of life. Discover how GREAT Personal Protector can better protect your family’s needs at every life stage.


GREAT SupremeHealth

Singaporeans are living longer. And we are living fuller lives. Even in our golden years, the majority of us are living active lifestyles. And as the Life Company, our mission is to help you to keep doing just that by making our health plans extremely affordable.

Whether you’re young or old, single or have children to care for, our Integrated Shield plans offer comprehensive coverage and reimburses the eligible medical expenses of your hospital bills so that you and loved ones live your days with greater assurance, even when faced with a setback. Discover how we can help with your medical and hospitalisation needs at every life stage.

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