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Deciding factors for a mid-career switch

Deciding factors for a mid-career switch

For many of us, having a job that pays the bills is something we feel immensely thankful for. However, since we spend most of our waking hours at work, job satisfaction and the impact of work on our mental health are two important things to consider in our approach to achieve well-balanced and happy lives.

With the help of pop culture, here are some red flags to look out for when determining if your career is a good fit for you.

1.       The Monday blues never end

Like Neo in “The Matrix”, you feel like you’ve taken the red pill, only to experience the feeling of being trapped and unable to escape a dead-end job. Monday blues turn into a feeling of perpetual and unshakeable gloom and you find yourself desperately wondering what would’ve happened if you’d taken the blue pill instead.

2.       Escapism 

Just like in “The Chronicles of Narnia”, you seize any chance you get to wander off, except you’re not headed into a mythical land, but the world of LinkedIn and job portals – anything to take your mind off work and allow you to escape and entertain the idea of another reality – one in which you have a job you won’t feel the need to routinely escape from.

3.       Face cramps

Fake smiling at work is a constant for you, resulting in tight, stiff cheeks. In fact, the only time you’re not fake smiling is when you’re out for lunch or going home. If you feel you might as well paint a smile on your face, like Arthur Fleck in the 2019 movie “Joker”, it could mean your current environment is unsuitable for you.

If you find yourself relating to the points above, it might be time for a career change. As detailed in an article by Michael Page Singapore, an international recruitment and hiring company, it is important to build up marketable skills, business experience and good working knowledge for the industries you may be keen to explore before making any drastic decisions.

On top of that, you also should also educate yourself on the challenges and difficulties you may face on your new journey. For example, if you decide to do something entirely new in a field which you have no experience in, are you ready to take a pay cut?

If you’d like added protection and assurances before making the big leap, consider Prime Rewards by Great Eastern, where you are entitled to annual pay-outs and protection, with just a one-time payment. 


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