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Attainable financial goals you can achieve by 30

Attainable financial goals you can achieve by 30

Establishing a strong financial foundation when you are young will blaze the path to financial success and allow you to enjoy financial freedom at a later stage in life. According to an article on Forbes, the financial goals that one should attain by 30 years old include managing one’s debts, saving for retirement and getting comfortable with investing.

1.       Manage your debts

Whether it is car loans, student loans, or credit card debt, you would want to break free from the vicious debt cycle by adopting good debt management habits. Spend mindfully by cutting back on unnecessary spending so that you can put your money toward other financial goals. 

2.       Save for retirement

To lead a cosy life in your golden years, it is crucial to plan adequately and early for retirement. For a worry-free future, set a goal for your retirement savings or find a suitable insurance or investment plan that offers guaranteed monthly payouts.

3.       Kickstart your investment journey

Take the first step towards wealth accumulation by looking at a diversified portfolio of investments to lift returns across market cycles. It is important to assess your risk appetite and know your investment objectives to make smart investment decisions.

Attain these goals with ease with GREAT Wealth Advantage, a regular premium whole life investment-linked plan by Great Eastern that allows you to grow your wealth with small, regular contributions, and enjoy the flexibility of increasing your investment or make partial withdrawals to meet your medium or long term goals.


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The above is for your information only and does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any persons.

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