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Habits of highly successful employees

Habits of highly successful employees

We all know how intimidating it can be to enter the working world and begin your first real job. The daily grind is brand new and you’re pouring all your energy into absorbing everything as quickly as possible to perform well and impress your bosses. If you’re looking to excel in both your professional and personal life, read on for our list of the top working habits of highly successful people.

1.       Adopt a problem-solving mindset

Instead of considering something a problem, view it as a challenge to be tackled. Being able to think quickly and creatively on your feet will allow you to showcase your strengths and help you avoid falling into the trap of complaining, which derails productivity and morale.

2.       Be dependable

One way to earn the respect of your colleagues and bosses is to be dependable. Make sure that you act responsibly by getting into the office on time and meeting your deadlines. You want your teammates to know that they can rely on you in all situations, thus making you a valued and trustworthy employee.

3.       Be organised and forward-thinking

It’s impossible to stay on top of your work and be productive if you’re disorganised. Ensure you plan and set SMART goals – goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. These will help you to keep track of your progress and success. As shared by Workforce Singapore, having clear goals is necessary to keep you committed to what you set to achieve, and coming up with concrete plans is imperative in helping you attain those goals.

4.       Take control

Whether you’d like to get a promotion or work for your dream employer, have the confidence to seize every opportunity that will lead you to achieve your goal. Ultimately, your career is in your hands and you have the responsibility to make sure you’re putting yourself in good stead to accomplish your ambitions.

While these working habits will put you in good stead to excel in your new job, they are also applicable outside the office.

One easy way to do so is to commit to being financially savvy, as that will not only set you up for future success, but also stave off financial burdens that may unexpectedly crop up in life. With GREAT Wealth Advantage, a regular premium whole life investment-linked plan by Great Eastern, you can embark on growing your wealth with small, regular contributions, and enjoy the flexibility of increasing your investment or make partial withdrawals to meet your medium or long term goals.


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