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"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. I hope my recognition as a Great Eastern Life Achiever gives you the reassurance that I'm well positioned to help you with your financial planning needs."

Rep No. SIB200088980
Representing: The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited

Years of Service: 16 years

Gender: Male

MDRT Qualifier
GELAC Awards 2018 Life Member


More about me

Being in the financial planning industry for the last 15 years has brought me great satisfaction and pleasure in serving my client’s needs. This has allowed me to effectively put into practice specific insurance strategies as well as handle claims procedures effectively while keeping new clients and existing clients satisfied with the services I offered.
I enjoy problem solving and work well within a work team environment. Client account maintenance is also an area that I enjoy as the 1-on-1 contact with the clients enable me to build solid relationships between the customers and the company; something which I believe to play a crucial part in overall, industry brand image. I will try my very best to assist my clients to meet their financial goal.
Live Great with Great Eastern Life!

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