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Top music apps to boost your workout

Free Apps for Managing Your Weight – Fit Radio Music – Live Great

If you love the idea of working out, but can’t seem to stay motivated, why not try adding some new music to your workout mix? Studies have shown that the right kind of music not only boosts your motivation levels, but also reduces how much you think you are exerting yourself! Researchers looked at various types of exercise routines and discovered that music plays a key part in boosting performance.

Researchers at the School of Sport and Education at London’s Brunel University think that the sweet spot for workout music is between 125 and 140 beats per minute — but this also depends on the intensity level of activity you’re doing. No matter what bpm you prefer, one of these apps below can help — just don’t forget one thing: Stay safe! If you are working out outdoors, don’t turn up the volume so high that you can’t hear traffic noise. 

  1. Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach
    Singapore — free / Malaysia — Free (iOS/Android)

    This app promises to change how you view your workouts. Available both as a Web or mobile app, FIT Radio streams DJ-selected music straight to your smart phone or computer. It’s free, on demand and professionally mixed — all you have to do is download the app, push play and you are ready to go! With a wide range of music available — anything from Top 40, hip hop, rock, house, indie, dub step and more, it’s guaranteed to have tunes that will get you moving.

    Pros: Easy to use, free, plenty of music variety.
    Cons: Music is streamed, so download limits may apply (check with your telco provider).
    Best for: Those looking for a free streaming app that does it all.

  2. Spotify
    Singapore — free / Malaysia — Free (iOS and Android)

    Spotify runs on a crowdsourced platform where users can create, categorise and share their favourite music playlists for different occasions, including playlists for singing in the shower. It is great for discovering new beats to suit your mood and workout intensity. It also allows you to share what you are listening on your Facebook timeline.

    Pros: Great way to connect with people with similar music preferences and a huge library of crowdsourced playlists.
    Cons: For an ad-free version, you will need to upgrade to a premium account for RM14.90 per month.
    Best for: Those looking for a variety of different playlists for different workouts/moods.

  3. RockMyRun
    Singapore — free / Malaysia — free (iOS/Android)

    RockMyRun promises — and delivers — run-ready mixes of up-tempo tunes of up to 45 minutes in length, making it perfect for your daily workout. Curated by professional DJs, these mixes definitely do the trick, with a great selection of tunes across musical genres. Best of all, mixes can either be streamed over LTE/3G as you run, or can be pre-downloaded over a WiFi connection to save on data charges.

    Pros: Great selection of mixes, easy to skip a song within a mix, WiFi downloads available.
    Cons: Mixes are only 45 minutes long, only mixes and not individual songs available.
    Best for: Regular runners looking for a free music app.

  4. Jog.FM
    Singapore — SGD$3.98 / Malaysia — RM12.90 (iOS only)

Just put on your shoes, launch the app and go — the app will do the rest. It measures your pace then automatically chooses the best song from your music library to keep you going. If you prefer that your music helps set the pace instead, no problem, just pick a pace and the app will do the rest. Add warm up or cool down songs in a slower pace, or manually adjust your pace as you go — perfect if you need a little boost of speed to get you over a hill or through a tough spot. Best of all, this smart app quickly learns what you like and dislike.

Pros: Easy to use, no streaming, uses your music library.
Cons: No interval support for advanced runners, better for runners and cyclists. Support for other types of workouts will be coming soon.
Best for: Newbie runners, joggers or cyclists who don’t want to waste time thinking about their playlists.

Now when you’re in the mood for a run, or workout, try one of these apps to spur you on — think of it as having a little musical coach perched on your shoulder, ready to cheer you on as you tackle the next hill or the next set of repetitions. After all, getting fit and healthy shouldn’t be difficult — and with music to accompany you, it becomes truly enjoyable!

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