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General Insurance

At Great Eastern, we understand the sacrifice, time and effort that go into owning and operating a business. We’re here to make sure that insurable aspects related to your enterprise is taken of so you can focus on taking your business to greater heights. From protecting your employees and business assets to building insurance, we have you covered.


Every business operation requires protection. You need to protect your equipment and stock against unexpected loss due to break-ins or natural disasters (fire, flood, landslide, etc.). In addition, it’s critical to have protection from legal liability arising from your negligence or the negligence of any of your employees while engaged in your business. Easi-Biz provides peace of mind by offering the most comprehensive assurance available to cover both you and your business.

For more information about Easi-Biz click here.

Easi-Biz Standard / Easi-Biz Premier

Every business operation comes with plenty of responsibility and accountability. Even if you manage with the utmost care and deliver the best quality and services, the unexpected events can happen. To reduce uncertainties, it is crucial for you to equip your business with a suitable coverage plan.

For more information about Easi-Biz Standard / Easi-Biz Premier click here.

Marine Cargo

Transportation is big business, therefore it is critical that your cargo reach its destination in one piece and is not damaged or lost whilst in transit.

Marine cargo insurance provides protection for the transportation of goods by all modes and means of transport and ensures that your cargo reaches its destination in one piece.

For more information about Marine Cargo click here.

SMI Protector

As a business owner, we understand that your business is your life, especially if you are a Small and Medium Industry (SMI) player.

SMI Protector was designed specifically to go beyond the usual pre-requisite coverage for Fire and Perils, All Risks and / or Electronic Equipment Insurance to offer instead, a more comprehensive cover with enhanced protection.

For more information about SMI Protector click here.

Easi Health-SME

Your employees are the most important asset of your company, therefore it’s important that should the need arise, they are covered for medical and surgical costs.  

Easi Health-SME is specifically designed to cater for small and medium enterprises. It provides comprehensive medical coverage in the form of five plans to suit the needs of both you, your employees and their family members all at a reasonable price.

For more information about Easi Health-SME click here.

Condo Insurance

OAC Condo Insurance Plan is an all-in-one insurance plan covering the property against fire and other related risks. This insurance will ensure that as a statutory duty, the building is protected and complies with the Building and Common Property (Maintenance & Management) Act 2007.

For more information about Condo Insurance click here.

Foreign Worker Hospitalisation & Surgical Scheme (SKHPPA)

The cost of hospitalisation and surgical services are increasing. That is why the Foreign Worker Hospitalisation & Surgical Scheme is in place to help you to reduce your financial burden in the event of hospital admission for foreign workers due to accident or illness. 

For more information about SKHPPA click here.

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