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Health tips (25 to 32)

Choose bright coloured foods

For power-packed nutrition during pregnancy, choose peppers, berries, sweet potatoes, spinach and other brightly coloured foods. They contain lots of antioxidants that not only boost energy, they also prevent the risk of obesity for both mum and baby.

Consume proper portion size

Try keeping track of how much you're eating. That way, you'll avoid eating too much of even the healthiest foods. For example, a serving of meat should be about the size of a deck of cards. 

Cover up!

If you've got a cold, do yourself and others a favour by making sure to cover your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze, ideally with the crook of your elbow or forearm rather than your hands. Better yet, wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs.

Cut the salt

Cook with less salt, sauces, stock cubes and seasoning powders - these flavourings contain a lot of sodium. You should also steer away from ingredients such as ikan bilis, salted fish, salted eggs, luncheon meat, sausages and ham.

Clear mental clutter

Feeling overwhelmed by thoughts on things to do or persistent worries? Schedule some time alone and you'll find that solitude can help focus your thoughts and bring about better decision making.

Contain asthma

The best way to not let asthma take control over you is by following a medical management plan. While you're at it, it's also advisable to avoid contact with environmental triggers such as cockroaches, dust mites, furry pets, mould, tobacco smoke and certain chemicals that can set off an attack.

Cut energy drinks

It's been said that men are worse at multi-tasking than women - but did you know that energy drinks make things worse? A study found that the caffeine, taurine, sugar and other stimulants in energy drinks make it difficult for your body and brain to multi-task.

Decrease the risk of breast cancer

The risk of breast cancer increases as you get older. To prevent this, go for regular mammography screenings for early detection of breast cancer. Family members can also help to remind their loved ones about a mammogram check occasionally.

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