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High blood pressure

Week 3: The active way to a healthy heart

In the last two weeks, you have slowly eased into healthier habits and a cleaner diet for your heart. Now, let's put all that extra energy to good use with different ways to exercise for a healthy heart. Keep it up and you will see the results rolling in!

Step 1: Find the type of exercise that suits you

In order to find an exercise that you'll enjoy and keep you moving, take our questionnaire to find out whether you prefer something laid back, just for the weekend, or feel that variety is the spice of your exercising life.
  • Question 1
    A new gym in your neighbourhood is offering a free trial. Do you sign up?
    A) No, I get nervous with all that equipment and commitment.
    B) It depends if I could leave work early.
    C) Yes, why not? It’s worth a try.
    Pick One
  • Question 2
    Which one of these would best describe your exercise regime?
    A) I don’t have one.
    B) I used to do sports every day at school, but now I try to go for weekend workouts.
    C) I occasionally go for a run or a swim and enjoy myself when I make the effort.
    Pick One
  • Question 3
    You’re late and have to sprint for the bus. How do you feel afterwards?
    A) Exhausted! Tomorrow I’ll make sure I set my alarm earlier.
    B) I was quite proud to reach the bus stop but was struggling to catch my breath!
    C) I couldn’t manage a sprint – fast walking is as quick as I get!
    Pick One
  • Question 4
    It’s time for a medical check-up. How do you feel?
    A) A bit worried, I’m not as fit as I should be.
    B) A little apprehensive, but I think I’m in quite good shape.
    C) It’s useful to know in advance of any potential problems so I can act on time and stay well.
    Pick One
  • Question 5
    It’s Sunday morning and an exceptionally cool and breezy day. What is your first thought?
    A) Good – I won’t need to put the aircon on.
    B) I’ll walk to my friend’s instead of taking the bus.
    C) Maybe I should go jogging. Or play badminton with my friends. Or maybe we can all go for a picnic!
    Pick One
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Step 2: Download your week 3 recommendations

What you'll find inside:

  • Fun ways to get your body moving
  • How to spot if you're getting enough exercise
  • A fitness diary to monitor how you feel and where you could improve - and most importantly how happy exercise makes you!
Download Now, it's Free!
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