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Stress management

Week 4: Coping with life-changing moments

Bad news in life never has good timing, and when it hits you, it hits hard. Whether it’s the loss of a spouse or a close relative, divorce or retrenchment, most of us will go through different stages of emotional upheaval as we deal with the situation. If someone close to you is going through a difficult period in his or her life right now, it’s reassuring for them to know that there are coping strategies to help them better handle life’s major crises.

Step 1: Find a healthy way to better cope with difficult moments

In order to find a healthy method to help you or your loved ones deal positively with life's darker moments, use the questionnaire to find out how you prefer to cope with different situations.
  • Question 1
    When I was first confronted with the crisis, my first reaction was to…
    A) Attempt to rationalise it and convince myself that it wasn’t really happening.
    B) Blame others for the situation.
    C) Focus solely on this situation and ignore everything else for days.
    Pick One
  • Question 2
    I reacted to consolations from friends and family mainly by…
    A) Using it as a distraction from the issue at hand.
    B) Constantly feeling angry and rejected by their efforts to console me.
    C) Ignoring them – feeling that their words did little to help with my situation.
    Pick One
  • Question 3
    When I am not focused on my crisis…
    A) I feel a momentary sense of relief because I don’t have to think about it for now.
    B) I cannot stop thinking about how things could have turned out differently.
    C) I cannot shake off the sense of guilt.
    Pick One
  • Question 4
    Every time I think it’s time to face the issue at hand and deal with it, I tend to…
    A) Procrastinate and try to find excuses to deal with it later.
    B) Go through the motions, but feel unfair that it’s happening to me.
    C) Feel overwhelmed and helpless because I don’t know where or how to start
    Pick One
  • Question 5
    When I approach my friends and family for help, it’s because…
    A) I want them to do the thinking for me.
    B) I need someone at whom I can vent my frustrations.
    C) I feel like I have nowhere and no one else to turn to.
    Pick One
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Step 2: Download your week 4 recommendations

What you'll find inside:

  • Techniques to cope with life's crises
  • Ways to spot the early warning signs of stress related illness
  • A resilience meter to keep your stress levels in check
  • A guide to write down your emotions.
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