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Stress management

Week 8: The secret to making happiness last

It's a wrap! After seven weeks of stress busting, let's end your 8-week stress management programme with a stress relief skill you’ll take with you for life -- learning to embrace changes and stay happy, no matter what life throws at you.

Focus on making small, simple changes -- right now. Find out what matters to you, how to let go of the rest, and map out your road to happiness with this week's toolbox essentials!

Step 1 : Find out how you respond to change

Take this quiz to see whether you are a dynamic embracer, a cautious adaptor or a change resistor.
  • Question 1
    Your colleague suggests that you work out at the gym to de-stress. You have never stepped into a gym before. What is your response?
    A) That’s a great idea! Why haven’t I thought of it before?
    B) I’ll go on a one-day trial. If the gym’s really effective, I’ll sign up for a one year-membership.
    C) No thanks, I’ll stick to my daily jog in the park.
    Pick One
  • Question 2
    The company you work for is going to be restructured, affecting all business processes and employees. You are one of the decision makers that are being consulted – what is your response?
    A) I need to ensure a central role in the process and ensure my opinion will be heard.
    B) I discuss with colleagues and management about how it will affect future business and decide whether it would benefit me.
    C) Previous experience has proven that a change like this involves a lot of risks. I'd rather show that everything's working fine as is.
    Pick One
  • Question 3
    You are an English teacher. You are given textbooks and lesson plans for each week. What is your preferred teaching style?
    A) I introduce slides, movie clips, acting skits and songs. I have a different theme for every week.
    B) I utilise both teaching tools provided. However, I am open to trying out any new teaching methods suggested by the students
    C) I follow the plan and book. This is the best way to teach.
    Pick One
  • Question 4
    Your company has just taken on a new client, and the demands of the large project are stressing out the team. Your attitude is:
    A) It’s a good opportunity to learn something new.
    B) It might be a bit stressful at first, but it will get easier as we go.
    C) It’s never going to be a success.
    Pick One
  • Question 5
    Two years ago, you installed new furniture and fittings. Now, your partner has proposed renovating your apartment again. What is your response?
    A) Constant creativity and adaptation is the way to go! When do we start?
    B) As long as the renovation proposal proves its weight in gold, I will support it fully.
    C) Here we go again, wasting time, energy and money. Why can’t we just stick to what we did earlier?
    Pick One
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Step 2: Download your week 8 recommendations

What you'll find inside:

  • our start small tip for a quick fix of happiness
  • Strategy for long lasting happiness
  • Eight easy habits to stay consistently happy
  • A simple checklist of those little things that make you truly happy.
Download Now, it's Free!
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