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The personal information that you have provided, whether now or in the future, may be used, recorded, stored, archived, disclosed or otherwise processed by or on behalf of Great Eastern Life Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad (“Company”) (and its successors in title) for the following purposes:

  • processing your agent application form, which includes carrying out appropriate character/credit checks which may consist of a comprehensive review and investigation of your background, qualifications, experience, education, employment history, references and other information (including criminal history records);
  • for monitoring, administration of and managing your role as the Company’s agent;
  • promotional purpose including displaying and publishing your photograph or video image;
  • for research and audit including but not limited to historical and statistical purposes;
  • to prevent, investigate, or report any actual or suspected money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, corruption, actual or suspected fraud including but not limited to insurance fraud, evasion of tax or of economic or trade sanctions, and other criminal or unlawful activities;
  • checking all the information it receives about you against information held in the Company’s records;
  • as required by relevant laws, rules, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines binding on the Company;
  • matching any data held by the Company and Great Eastern Group of Companies (“Great Eastern”) relating to you from time to time for any of the purposes set out above;
  • direct marketing and general marketing of any products and services of the Company, Great Eastern and third party products that may be of interest to you. Please be assured that marketing information in respect of third party products and services will only be sent to you if you have expressly consented to receive the same;
  • for litigation or potential litigation; and
  • if required by law or in good faith, if such action is necessary:
    a) to comply with any law enforcement, court orders or legal process, and/or
    b) to protect and defend the rights or property of the Company and Great Eastern (for information, log on to

“Personal information” means any information which relates to you and which has been provided by you to the Company and Great Eastern relating to you from time to time, including but not limited to your name, bio-data or personal profile, National Registration Identity Card number, passport number, address, telephone number, email address, images, your personal preferences, financial and banking account information and any information which may identify you, that has been or may be collected, stored, used and processed by the Company from time to time. The term “personal information” also includes sensitive personal data which means any personal data consisting of information as to physical or mental health or condition, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, the commission or alleged commission of any offence.

The Company may also collect and/or verify your personal information from third parties, such as credit reference agencies, debt collection agencies, from Great Eastern group of companies and insurance associations and takaful associations.

The information that you have provided to the Company is necessary. If you do not provide the Company with the information, the Company may not be able to process, administer or manage your role as agent, including but not limited to agency business development and commission payments.

If you provide us with any personal information relating to a third party, including where you have named them as family member, by submitting such information to us, you represent to us that you have obtained the consent of the third party to you providing us with their personal information for the purposes set out herein. References to “your personal information” shall include the personal information of third parties provided by you.

The Company may disclose and/or provide your personal information to the following parties (within and outside Malaysia) for the purposes stated above:

  • the Company’s representatives, immediate officer and/or superior and agency leaders;
  • third party service providers (who provide administrative, telecommunications, computer related facilities including but not limited to the purchase of hardware or software, system enhancements, migration or maintenance, if any, payment, data processing, storage, or other services to the Company in connection with or related to the conduct or manner of operation of our business) to fulfil the Company’s obligations to you;
  • any credit reference agencies or, in the event of default, any debt collection agencies;
  • any person, who is under a duty of confidentiality and has undertaken to keep such data confidential, which the Company has engaged to fulfil its obligations to you;
  • any person to whom the Company is under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law, rules, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines binding on the Company;
  • any applicable regulators, governmental bodies, or industry-recognised bodies and where otherwise required by law;
  • other companies in Great Eastern, affiliates; and any business or strategic partners (for information, please log on to; and
  • any other parties in respect of whom you have consented to the disclosure of your personal data.

You may access certain personal information held by the Company based on the applicable data protection laws of Malaysia. You also may access your personal information through the ePartner portal (

If you have any inquiries such as limiting the processing of certain information, you may contact the Company through the Internet Communication Module (ICM) in the ePartner portal.

If you have any complaints in respect of your personal information, you may contact our Privacy Officer at +603 4813 3796.

The Company may charge a reasonable fee for access. If you can show that the personal information kept by the Company is not accurate, complete and up to date, the Company will take reasonable steps to ensure it is accurate, complete and up to date upon receiving your verification or feedback.

The Company may retain your personal information for such time as deemed to be necessary for the purpose of fulfilling any operational, audit, investigation, legal, regulatory, tax or accounting requirements, including but not limited to any potential litigation.

The Company may review and update this Data Protection Notice from time to time to reflect changes in the law, changes in its business practices, procedures and structure, and changes in the community’s privacy expectations. It is not generally feasible to notify you of changes to this Personal Data Protection Notice and as such, you can log on to to obtain the latest version of the Personal Data Protection Notice at any time.

By interacting with the Company, submitting information to the Company, you consent (and where required, explicitly consent) to such use of your personal information including sensitive personal data, in the manner set out in this notice. Such consent and authorisation herein shall extend to any information obtained from your historical financial or credit records, data or information whether or not provided personally.  

In the event of any inconsistencies between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version of this notice, the English version shall prevail.

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