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Group Multiple Benefits Insurance Scheme (GMBIS)

Group Insurance

Group Multiple Benefits Insurance Scheme (GMBIS)

Great is giving your staff extra protection for the future

According to recent Malaysian statistics, an average of one in every four Malaysians suffers from heart disease, stroke or cancer. Protect your staff and their loved ones from costly medical bills with Great Eastern’s GMBIS for as low as RM1 a day!


GMBIS is an affordable group investment-linked scheme that provides your staff with additional financial security until retirement. Get comprehensive coverage against loss of life, total and permanent disability, 45 critical illnesses, accidental death, funeral expenses and an optional hospital income benefit. The hospital income benefit provides a daily monetary payment in the event of hospitalisation.


8 Great benefits

1Guaranteed acceptance with no medical underwriting


Personal and portable coverage

(continue until policy maturity after you have retired/ resigned)


Same premium rate for all ages


Income tax relief up to RM3,000

Cover your spouse and children


Protection up to age 65 years old next birthday

2Investment link plan with potential cash value

Affordable rate as low as RM1 per day



Additional benefit

Member may withdraw/ redeem some of the units in your account for emergency purposes after contributing for at least twelve (12) months.



COMPLIMENTARY COVERAGE for COVID-19 vaccination side effects

The COVID-19 Vaccine Fund is available for all member(s) of GMBIS with a registered e-Connect account. Get extra daily hospital income benefit and death benefit due to adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) from receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. 



RM200 per day up to a maximum of 7 days for hospitalisation, due to adverse events following immunisation (AEFI)  within 14 days after receiving a COVID-19 Vaccine.

RM10,000 per life if death is related to AEFI within 30 days from receiving a COVID-19 Vaccine

Coverage period until 31 December 2021 or until the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund has reached a total claims payout of RM1 million, whichever is earlier.



Sample of schedule of benefits

Monthly contribution: RM30/ month/ person, the coverage are: 


Sum assured:

Death/ Total permanent disability (natural/ disease)

RM30,000 + Total investment value

Accidental death/ Total permanent disability

RM60,000 + Total investment value

45 Critical illnesses

RM30,000 + Total investment value

Funeral expenses


Maturity benefit

Total investment value




  • All legally registered organizations such as: Corporate company, Union, Association, Cooperative, and Club that fulfils the requirement of one-hundred (100) minimum lives assured are eligible to register as a corporate company with the GMBIS account.
  • All the employees / members of the corporate company are eligible to apply for the GMBIS policy.


Entry age requirement:

(i) Employee/ member and spouse: Age 19 - 60 years next birthday

(ii) Children: Age 30 days - 23 years next birthday (not working, not married and full-time student)

(iii) Coverage for spouse / children can only be extended if an Assured Member (employee/members) participates in the scheme



Requirement for Number of Lives Assured

Minimum: 100 staffs / members

Maximum: No Limit

No scheme will be issued if the number of lives within the scheme is less than 100



Policy maturity

Participation up to age sixty-five (65) years next birthday



Contribution method

  • Payment mode: Monthly only
  • Payment method: Salary deduction/ credit card / bank deduction/ JomPay



Service fee

  • Payment to Master Policyholder (MPH). Varies by group, subject to a maximum of two (2) per cent of contribution limited to payroll deduction payment method.



Unit fund


LION PROGRESSIVE FUND                                                                              

A fund which invests in a mixture of equities (ranging from 50% to 90%) and fixed income securities. This fund seeks to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation, with a moderate-to-high level of volatility.                                                                                                                                                    

LION BALANCED FUND                                                                                    

A fund which invests in a mixture of equities (ranging from 40% to 60%) and fixed income securities. This fund seeks to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation, with a moderate level of volatility.                                                                                                                                                                                     

LION FIXED INCOME FUND                                                                              

A fund which invests in fixed income securities, for example government and corporate bonds as well as cash and cash equivalents. This fund seeks to provide consistent return at low levels of volatility. Although the fund invests mainly in Malaysia (40% to 100%), it may also partially invest in foreign fixed income securities (up to 50%), to enhance the fund's returns.                                                                                             

DANA GEMILANG                                                                                             

A fund where 80% to 100% of the investments are in equities, which may be volatile in the short term. This fund seeks to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation. Although the fund invests mainly in Malaysia (50% to 100%), it may also partially invest in Singapore (up to 25%) and Hong Kong (up to 25%), if and when necessary, to enhance the fund’s returns. The fund only invests in Shariah-approved securities.

Although this fund invests in Shariah-approved securities, the investment-linked insurance plan that utilises this fund is not a Shariah-compliant product.



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Your employees/ members are your greatest asset! Protect them and their families with an affordable, flexible and comprehensive insurance plan that can serve as both a standalone plan or a top-up to their existing insurance coverage.


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