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Here is all the information you’ll need to make a claim. If, for whatever reason, you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact our customer service officer at the number below:
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For inquiries on Group Inpatient and Outpatient claims   1300 1300 18
For inquiries on GMBIS (for existing policyholder only)   03-4813 3818

General Forms

Claims Forms

For Requirements Checklist and claim forms, please click here:



Group Hospital & Surgical - Admission and Claims Procedures

  1. Admission Procedure to Panel of Hospitals using Live Great Corporate Medical Card
    • Present your Live Great Corporate Medical Card and NRIC to hospital admission staff upon registration for admission into hospital.
    • The hospital will authenticate your details with Call Centre to obtain a letter of guarantee.
    • An Initial letter of guarantee will be issued after validation of your membership according to the policy's terms and conditions and the initial medical report provided by the Attending Doctor.
live great medical card

  1. Discharge Procedure from Panel Hospital
    • The hospital will provide discharge information, including the invoice and final diagnosis and report from the Attending Doctor to obtain the final letter of guarantee.
    • For covered cases, final letter of guarantee will be issued to the hospital for the said admission.
    • Call Centre have the right to decline or withdraw the guarantee letter if found that the final diagnosis and/or treatment is not covered by the policy’s terms and conditions.
    • When you are discharged, please pay the charges that are not covered before leaving the hospital.
  2. Letter of guarantee not issued upon authentication by panel hospital
    • The insured pays the hospital expenses and submits a claim for reimbursement following the procedures.
  3. Reimbursement procedure for admission to panel or non-panel hospital
    • All reimbursement claims with completed documents are to be submitted within 31 days after discharge from the hospital.
    • The estimated timeframe to process a claim is within 10 - 14 working days upon receiving the complete claim documents.

Required documents

  1. All original invoices and receipts from the medical centre and/or clinic.
  2. Duly completed claim form and attending physician statement at assured's own expense.
  3. Other supporting documents such as laboratory reports, radiology reports, ECG etc.
  4. A photocopy of employee and claimant’s NRIC. For Non-Malaysian, please provide photocopy of passport.
  5. Please refer to the Requirement Checklist under Claim Form for more details.



Matters Related To Regen Specialist Centre

Kindly be notified that any medical or health claims from REGEN SPECIALIST CENTRE located at 53-2, BLOCK D, JAYA ONE, 72A, JALAN UNIVERSITI, 46200 PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA (“RSC”) arising from, or concerning treatments carried out by Dr. Shawn Moodley (also known as Shawn Pillay) and/or ambulatory care services, will not be reimbursed with immediate effect and until further notice. Other medical or health claims from RSC will be considered in accordance with the policy contract.

Having verified with various agencies including the Malaysian Medical Council (“MMC”) and the Ministry of Health (“MOH”), there are serious questions arising regarding RSC notably with Dr. Shawn Moodley. According to the MMC, Dr. Shawn Moodley is not a registered medical practitioner in Malaysia. Furthermore, we have received confirmation that certain medical procedures performed at RSC are out of scope of RSC’s facility licensing as issued by the MOH.

Policyholders are advised to seek medical treatment at our Panel Hospital partners.

It was also brought to our attention that one MEDICAL FACTORING SOLUTIONS SDN BHD (“MFS”) has issued guarantee letters for policyholders to receive treatment at RSC and requests have been made by policyholders for Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad to pay their reimbursement claims directly to MFS.

In this regard, we wish to advise that no reimbursement claims will be paid out to third parties. Pursuant to the policy contract, medical and health claims which are admissible for payment on reimbursement bases are strictly payable only to policyholders. As such, any requests from policyholders to pay their reimbursement claims to third parties will not be acceded to, regardless of any arrangements that may be made between policyholders and such third parties.

Care and caution should be exercised in communicating this matter, particularly so that there is no misinformation regarding this matter. All information with reference to this matter should be verified with the HealthCare Services Department. Any questions arising should also be directed to the HealthCare Services Department at 1300-1300-18 or via email correspondence to

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