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Share information with your Financial Representative for financial planning

The Great Eastern app can help to make financial planing with your Financial Representative hassle-free. 

When planning your finances, you won't need to retrieve all your hardcopy insurance contracts. With a few easy steps, share your financial information with your Financial Representative and devise a strategy to achieve long-term financial goals and cater for life's unexpected scenarios such as a critical illness, disability, or a mortality event.

Great Eastern app

Sign in to the Great Eastern app using your Singpass or Great ID.
Tap More from the bottom menu.
Tap SGFinDex.
Tap Sync data to update your latest information.
Tap Share with financial representative.
Select the Financial Representative you want to share with and ensure the IAC code is correct.
Select the insurer, government, bank, and SGX CDP information that you want to share, then tap Next.
Confirm the details, tap I Agree to confirm that you are agreeable to the terms and conditions, then tap Proceed to share.
View your information sharing status.
Download the Great Eastern app today!