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Change does not come by chance

Introducing Great Eastern's Sustainability initiatives

At Great Eastern, we do not believe in leaving the future to fate. We believe in shaping it. That’s why we are accelerating our efforts across the region to build a company that is more environmentally conscious and socially responsible. One that plays its part in reversing climate change and contributes meaningfully to the community. From switching to energy-efficient systems to establishing equitable business practices, we are leading the charge to create the change that we want to see. Not just in the financial industry, but the world.

Our Sustainability framework

We are fully aware that as one of the region’s biggest insurance companies, our business decisions can have a major impact on the environment and on society. Which is why we look at progress not just in terms of our financial growth, but also in terms of our economic efficiency and carbon footprint. That means constantly re-examining our policies and practices to ensure our success does not come at the expense of our future generations. To that end, we’ve built our sustainability efforts around three core pillars.


Driving change from within

To foster a culture of corporate sustainability, we have established a Group Board Sustainability Committee (Board SC) to work with our Group Management Committee (GMC) and our Group CEO in ensuring that our strategies align with our long-term sustainability objectives. 

Driving change from within

Our sustainability reports

Download our sustainability reports and learn more about our journey, progress and plans to make meaningful contributions towards a better tomorrow.