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Life Insurance

Dependants' Protection Scheme

As a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, you are automatically covered under Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) when you make your first working contribution to CPF, between the age of 21* and 60*.


Dependants’ Protection Scheme is an affordable term-life insurance scheme that provides a basic coverage of up to $46,000, in the event of death, Terminal Illness1 or Total Permanent Disability2.


You can only claim under Terminal Illness1 or Total Permanent Loss2ii if your terminal illness or total permanent loss of physical function started on or after 01 May 2016

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Key benefits

Affordable coverage

Premium can be paid using your funds CPF funds

Automatic renewal

Affordable premium and automatic renewal

Your premiums can be paid using your CPF Ordinary and/or Special Account. As long as you have sufficient funds, no out-of-pocket cash is required. The premium will be deducted yearly based on your attained age for the maximum sum assured of $46,000, regardless of gender.


One month before your renewal date, a notification letter will be sent to you. If there are insufficient funds in both accounts for a minimum cover of $5,000, we will also notify you and no premium will be deducted from your CPF account.

Age* (Years) Yearly Premium
34 and below S$36
35-39 S$48
40-44 S$84
45-49 S$144
50-54 S$228
55-59 S$260


  • You must be a CPF member 
  • You must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 
  • You must be between 16* and 60* years old.  If you are 21* years old & above when you made your first CPF contribution, you will be automatically covered.  Otherwise, you can apply directly with us. 


If you would like to apply for a DPS cover, kindly download the Proposal Form and mail it to us at:
1 Pickering Street, #01-01,
Great Eastern Centre,
Singapore 048659.


Alternatively, you may visit our Customer Service Centre at the above address to submit the completed proposal form.


Declaration of Health Condition


Eligibility for a DPS cover is subject to you being in good health. You must declare and fully disclose all information regarding your health using the Health Declaration Form, including

  • All your past and current illnesses;
  • Any surgery/treatment/medical test that you had previously undergone or will be undergoing; and
  • Any physical or mental impairment.


If you are suffering from any undisclosed pre-existing serious illness, claims will not be admitted. 


You may download the following documents for more information on Dependants’ Protection Scheme. 

Information Leaflet and Terms and Conditions


Click here for frequently asked questions on application for Dependants’ Protection Scheme.

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