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GREAT Flexi Goal

Attain your life goals with assurance and ease

Key Benefits
  • Up to 3% p.a.*potential returns upon maturity
  • Be assured with capital guaranteed
  • Different premium payment terms, whatever suits you from S$100 per month
GREAT Wealth Multiplier II

Multiply your savings with a plan that grows with you

Key Benefits
  • Enjoy multiplied returns of up to 7X or more
  • Your choice to accumulate or withdraw your cash value
  • Be assured with 100% capital guarantee
GREAT Wealth Advantage

Power up your investment and optimise your potential returns

Key Benefits
  • Start strong with up to 60% Welcome Bonus
  • Greater potential returns over the years
  • Your investment, your way
  • Stay in control with a suite of diverse funds
GREAT Lifetime Payout 2 Special

Reach for Great financial freedom with our limited offer to enjoy 6 extra guaranteed monthly payouts

Key Benefits
  • Enjoy lifetime monthly payouts up to 3.28% per annum
  • Assurance of a 100% capital guarantee
  • Inheritance for the next generation
GREAT Invest Advantage

Greater flexibility and growth potential on your investments

Key Benefits
  • Invest with cash or funds from your CPFIS or SRS the way you want
  • Customise your investment portfolio anytime
  • No lock-ins, cashflow is under your control
Prestige Portfolio

Building a portfolio suited for every investor through diverse fund choices

Key Benefits
  • Achieve wealth accumulation goals with a versatile plan
  • Adjust your portfolio according to your changing needs
  • Invest in a future of potentially greater returns
Prestige Life Rewards 5 Series

One-time commitment for a lifetime of payouts and a lasting legacy

Key Benefits
  • One-time commitment, a lifetime of payouts
  • Lifetime monthly payouts that match your wealth goals
  • Support your changing financial needs
Funds available under
investment-linked plans

Maximise your investment returns with professionally managed funds 

Key Benefits
  • Fund management by established fund managers
  • Access to a wide range of investment strategies
  • Funds curated to meet your investment needs
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