LIFE Boost Programme - 3 simple exercises

Life Boost

How protected is your body against a viral attack if you were to stand in a crowded train, bus or office space with someone unwell? Feel like you could do more about your immunity but don't quite know what to do?

Join us for our month long programme to supercharge your immunity with daily health tips from experts. By the end of the programme, you will have built up the best defence system your body could have!

Three scientifically proven exercise tips that lower your risk of falling ill

Do you know that not all kinds of exercise will improve your health? When it comes to improving your immunity and lowering your risk of falling ill, there are specific science-based principles that you should follow to possibly double the impact on your health:

  • Adults should do some cardio exercise (e.g. walking/ jogging/ running) for at least 20-30mins a day will help to boost your immunity.
  • Outdoor exercise and exposure to sunlight have been associated with Vitamin D production which enhances one’s mood and Immunity but avoid mid-day 12pm-3pm as UV Rays are at the peak
  • A combination of weights exercise, cardio exercise, resistant bands exercise as well balance and stretching are important if you wish to keep yourself mobile and healthy.

Ready to get started on building your immunity? Here’s a great workout that can be done indoors or outdoors combining the tips above.