Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight - Women in Tech - Data Science

Phua Yue Cheng

Head - Data Science

At Great Eastern, we recognise our people are our greatest assets. Our employee engagement survey by the research firm, Kincentric, regularly places us in the Best Employers zone, supporting our efforts in creating an engaged and future-ready workforce. In this Employee Spotlight series, we sat down with colleagues in our IT and digital teams to learn more about who they are and what motivates them. Just like the lucky 8 ball, we discussed 8 questions with them. Read on and get to know Phua Yue Cheng, Head – Data Science.

Great Eastern: How long have you been with Great Eastern?
Yue Cheng: About 7 years.

Great Eastern: What do you like about your job?
Yue Cheng: Sharing data insights which improves decision-making for the business. I also find it rewarding to see a project through from the conceptualisation phase to actual realisation.

Great Eastern: Do you have a favourite project during your time at Great Eastern?
Yue Cheng: Rather than a specific project, perhaps the most fulfilling time in my career are the opportunities where there is collaboration between my team members and stakeholders in exploring possibilities to solve business problems.

It is like playing a jigsaw puzzle – the puzzle can be simple or complex. If you have the big picture in mind, it makes it easier to move forward as the structured approach helps you to navigate through the pieces more clearly. Framing the right business problem is usually the most important task at the start of the project (the big picture). As you start to explore the options (finding pieces of the puzzle), the picture of the puzzle will become clearer with each move.

Great Eastern: What is the best career lesson that you have learned so far?
Yue Cheng: Never stop learning. Learning does not stop when you graduate from school. We learn from our co-workers and build on each other’s ideas for better solutions. We should also keep ourselves updated on the latest trends and technologies.

Great Eastern: What is your advice to people who are looking to join the technology field?
Yue Cheng: Follow your passion. Continue to learn and find like-minded individuals to engage and share ideas.

Great Eastern: Do you have a role model to recommend? And why?
Yue Cheng: Nick Vujicic. I enjoy listening to Nick’s motivational speeches and follow him on Facebook. Although life may not always be smooth-sailing, Nick does not let life beat him down. He believes in the power of choice.

You have the power to choose how to overcome your challenges. All of us can be change makers by taking charge of your life.

Great Eastern: What do you outside of work for a balanced life?
Yue Cheng: I spend quality time with my family and enjoy simple activities such as eating out together, cycling, walking at the beach, etc. It is important to keep a healthy balanced work-life to prevent being burned-out.

Great Eastern: How has your lifestyle changed as a result of the pandemic?
Yue Cheng: Although catching up with my extended family members and friends via face-to-face can be challenging, we still try to work out a schedule and maintain regular contact remotely. Like many others, I tend to do more online shopping during this time. As for my professional life, I feel like I have learnt a new skill - Creative Collaboration - facilitating collaboration differently with my co-workers to meet our business outcomes.