Providing Employee Benefits That Make A Difference

Employees are every organisation’s greatest asset and we believe that happy and healthy employees lead to better productivity. By taking care of your employees towards achieving good health and financial wellness, you will be allowing them to reach their maximum potential and contribute more to the business performance of your organization in the long run.

Our Programme is Comprehensive. Our Proposition is Simple. Join the Benefits@Worksite Complimentary Corporate Wellness Programme for a happy and healthy workforce who will take care of you when you take care of them.

Kick-start your employees’ journey towards good health and financial wellness today! It’s easy. Simply select from the list of activities that we offer and let us manage all the coordination and execution work. For the convenience of your employees, all activities offered can be conducted right at your workplace.

*Activities are subject to availability as well as minimum attendance for each activity

Terms and conditions apply.

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