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Make a motor accident or windscreen damage claim

Immediately after an accident

Make an accident report with our authorised workshop within 24 hours after the accident. They will be able to assist with any insurance claims.

Call our 24-hour towing helpline at +65 6535 0511 for towing services if required. Should there be any bodily injury, please assist the injured and do not remove the car. Call the police at the scene of accident.

For any other motor claims enquiries, call our General Claims hotline at +65 6248 2638 for advice. Alternatively, you may contact your Financial Representative for advice.


Motor accident

Here is what you should do in the event of a motor accident:

  1. Exchange particulars with the other drivers involved in the accident with you, such as name, driving licence and NRIC details, and contact details. 
  2. Take relevant photographs of the accident scene in general and the damages to the cars.
  3. Call our 24-hour towing helpline at +65 6535 0511 for towing services if required. Do not accept any repairs and towing services from non-authorised workshops.
  4. If towing is not required, send your damaged vehicle to an authorised workshop within 24 working hours from the time of the accident.
  5. File a report at the authorised motor accident reporting centre. This is mandatory regardless of whether you are making a claim under your policy.
  6. Provide any video recording you have of the accident when making any report and claims.
  7. Should you receive any Originating Claim or Letter of Demand from a third party against you due to the accident, do not reply and forward it to us immediately.
  8. A police report must be made in any of the following situations:
    • If any party suffers bodily injury due to the accident and requires medical leave of more than three days.
    • If the accident involves a foreign vehicle or a government-owned vehicle.
    • If your vehicle is damaged by vandalism or theft.


Windscreen damage

For windscreen damage, call any of our authorised workshops to arrange for a repair appointment as soon as possible.