Make a property damage claim

Upon discovery of the damages to your property, contact your insurance agent and take relevant photographs of the damages in your premise. You can also call our general claim hotline at +65 6248 2638 for assistance.


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Property damage

  1. Take relevant photographs of the scene in general and the damages of the property.
  2. Do not dispose any damaged items.
  3. You have a duty of care to ensure reasonable steps are taken to minimize or avoid further damages.
  4. Make a police report immediately if losses/damages are due to theft (forcible entry or exit to the premise) or malicious acts.
  5. Obtain name and contact details of any negligent third party who caused damage to your property.
  6. If there is any witness at the scene, please collect his/her name and contact number and get his/her consent to be a witness.
  7. Contact general claim hotline at +65 6248 2638 or your servicing agent.
  8. Loss adjuster may be sent to investigate and assess the damage in your premise.
  9. Assist and cooperate with our loss adjuster during the investigation and assessment of the damages.
  10. Obtain quotations for repairs and vendor assessment report on the cause of damage.
  11. Submit claim form together with supporting documents to us at:
    Great Eastern General Insurance Limited
    1 Pickering Street, #01-01
    Great Eastern Centre, Singapore 048659

    Attention: General Insurance Claims Department


Documents to be submitted for claim processing include:

  1. Property claim form
  2. Photographs
  3. Police report (where applicable)
  4. Repair quotations/replacement invoices
  5. Vendor damage assessment report
  6. Witness name and contact


The above documents serve as a list of basic documents. In the event if a more thorough investigation required for your claim in particular, we may request additional documents.