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Apportion premium for investment-linked plan

If you want to apportion the premium by yourself, you must complete and pass the Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA).

If you wish to receive assistance on premium apportionment, seek advice from your Financial Representative.

Ways to apportion premiums

  • Via the Great Eastern app
  • Contact your Great Eastern Financial Representative

Great Eastern app

Sign in to the Great Eastern app using your Singpass or Great ID.
Tap Services from the bottom menu.
Tap Investment.
Tap Apportion premium.
Answer a few questions about your premium apportionment, then tap Start premium apportionment.
Select a policy to apportion premium and enter apportionment details for your funds, then tap Next
Confirm your premium apportionment details, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, then tap Submit apportionment to complete your premium apportionment.
View your request status.
Download the Great Eastern app today!

Questions and Answers

If your fund apportionment is successful, you can view the changed apportionment in your Great Eastern app or the investment statement. 

If your submission is rejected, we will inform you via a letter which can be found in the eDocuments section of the Great Eastern app.