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Apply and maintain a GIRO account

Why paying with GIRO is better

Paying by GIRO is convenient and hassle-free. You will not need to monitor your premium due date, send cheques, or make cash payments to us. Most importantly, it ensures that premiums are paid on time so that your insurance coverage remains intact.

If you wish to change your GIRO account to another bank, please submit a fresh GIRO application.

Keep your policy in-force

Please continue to pay for your premium to keep your policy in-force while your GIRO arrangement is being processed.

Sign up with the Great Eastern app

Sign up for eGIRO using the Great Eastern app for a quicker and more convenient way to arrange for GIRO. Follow our step-by-step guide to find out how to do it.

Participating banks

The following banks are participating in eGIRO:

  • OCBC (Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Limited)
  • DBS/POSB (The Development Bank of Singapore Limited)
  • UOB (United Overseas Bank Limited)
  • SCB (Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited)
  • HSBC (HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited)
  • MSL (Maybank Singapore Limited)

How to arrange for GIRO

Great Eastern app

    How to arrange for GIRO

  • Great Eastern app
  • Email and post

GIRO deduction

The GIRO deduction date is fixed on either the 11th or 12th, and 26th or 27th of each month. The date is fixed based on your policy number and premium due date.

We will share your GIRO deduction date in the acknowledgement letter to you after we process your GIRO application.

If the first deduction attempt fails for a premium payment, we will automatically schedule a second attempt at a later date. If the second attempt fails, the GIRO service will be suspended, and we will send a letter to notify you.


Questions and Answers

You can use the same GIRO account to pay for any outstanding Policy Loan or APL. When the remaining loan balance is less than the instalment amount, the final instalment repayment will be the balance amount.

Learn how to manage your automatic premium loan.