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Assign policy to new owner

Assigning a policy to a new owner, also called an absolute assignment, is a transfer of ownership from the assured (assignor) to another person or company/institution (assignee). 

The assignee becomes the new policy owner and assumes full legal rights over the policy. All proceeds, including surrender, maturity, and claims will be payable to the assignee.

A policy can be assigned if both assignor and assignee are of sound mind, not bankrupt or under duress, and if the policy is:

  • Not using CPF/SRS funds for premium payments
  • Not effected under trust
  • Not used to be exempted from CPF Board's Home Protection Scheme (HPS)
  • Allowed to be assigned under the plan

Additionally, the assignor must be at least 18 years old. For policies issued on or after 1 March 2009, the assignee must be at least 18 years old. For policies issued before 1 March 2009, the assignee must be at least 21 years old.


How to assign a policy to a new owner

Both the assignor and assignee must come to our Customer Service Centre at the following address with their NRICs:

1 Pickering Street
Great Eastern Centre #01-01
Singapore 048659

If the assignment is made between spouses, parent and child, or siblings, and relationship can be established by producing a marriage or birth certificate, they need not be present at our Customer Service Centre. You can call our Customer Service Officers at 1800 248 2888 for assistance in making the assignment.


Questions and Answers

No. Once a policy is absolutely assigned, the policy ownership will belong to the assignee. However, the policy ownership can be transferred back to you provided the assignee agrees to it. A new assignment will need to be done.

You can still assign the policy if the nomination made is a revocable nomination. The revocable nomination will be automatically revoked once the policy is assigned. If the policy has a trust nomination, the trust nomination will have to be revoked before you make an assignment.