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ElderShield / ElderShield Supplement / Great CareShield Claim

If you wish to make a claim, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Download these documents

  1. Claimant's Statement  & Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity
    The Claimant's Statement provide us more details in understanding your condition. The Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity provides us with consent to release the benefit payment(s) to a 3rd party (Family member(s) / Caregiver).  To do so, please also provide: 

    (a) A copy of the NRIC / Passport of the Policyholder; and

    (b) A copy of the NRIC / Passport of the Family member(s) / Caregiver


2. Clinical Abstract Application

    This form provides us with your consent to attain your medical information from  the hospital on your behalf.

Step 2: Book an appointment with an appointed Assessor

  • You will need to be assessed by one of our appointed Assessors on your severe disability to attain the Assessor's Statement. Please call to book a clinic appointment or a house call.

  • On the appointment day, bring along your completed documents (as downloaded above), and any available medical reports or discharge summary. Do note that there will be a $100 for a clinic-based assessment or $250 for non-clinic based assessment. 
  • The Assessor's Statement and all your documents will be sent to Great Eastern directly. 

    Once we receive the documents, we will proceed to process the claim. 

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