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Medical coverage - The science behind food packaging technology

The science behind food packaging technology

Are processed foods really unhealthy? What keeps food fresh? Let's find out!

09 Jan 2024
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The science behind food packaging technology
The science behind food packaging technology

Ultra processed, ultra problems

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Some of us believe that unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are always the better option…

Frozen fruits and vegetables
So we often overlook the quality of frozen foods! The freezing process is less damaging to the cells. It reduces water activity which prevents microorganism growth, preserving food appearance and a lot of nutrients.

Canned fruits and vegetables
Although preserved for a longer shelf life, frozen and canned foods can be just as nutritious as fresh fruits and veggies. Important nutrients, such as the heart-boosting polyphenols in most fruits and vegetables, are still retained in frozen and tinned foods even after blanching, canning or freezing!

Fun fact: Compared to their fresh counterparts, canned spinach contains more vitamin C per serving!

Some processed foods claiming to be a healthier choice aren’t always the case. While plant-based meat has as much vitamins and minerals as real meat, it also contains significant amounts of sodium and saturated fats, which may lead to stroke and heart diseases.

Instant foods
The preservation process of instant noodles includes an additive antioxidant called TBHQ. Excessive consumption of TBHQ may cause liver enlargement and other health issues.
The production process may also include PFAS – a containment in the noodle ingredients during production – otherwise known as the “forever chemical” that lasts a long time in our bodies, leading to health concerns like cancer and kidney diseases.

Most ultra-processed foods contain added sugar, salt, fat, artificial colours or preservatives, all of which are incredibly damaging to our health. So when it comes to choosing the better option, foods in their original state are the way to go!

Two truths about processed foods might surprise people — the high nutritional value of frozen and canned food, and the dangers of ultra-processed foods.
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