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Think F.A.S.T to act faster

Identifying the symptoms and urgent signs of stroke forms the crux of survival and recovery

Mar 06, 2023

According to MOH, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in Singapore, with a prevalence of 4% among adults aged 50 years and above.
But age is just a number in this circumstance. The youngest person to be hit by stroke is only 19 years of age. So make sure you are covered to be prepared for life’s uncertainties.


Suspect your loved one might be having a stroke? Act F.A.ST and do this test!

FACE: Ask the person to give you a smile. Is there a droop on one side of their face?
ARMS: Ask the person to lift both arms. Do you notice one arm drifting downwards?
SPEECH: Ask the person to repeat a basic phrase for you. Have you observed slurring or an unusual quality in their speech?
TIME: If you notice ANY of these signs, dial 995 immediately!

When it comes to stroke, every second matters. Remember to think and act FAST!

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