Yes, Singaporean women can age like fine wine

Yes, Singaporean women can age like fine wine

Here’s some news for anyone reading this in 2022: Anyone, male or female can age like fine wine.

21 Jan 2022
Yes, Singaporean women can age like fine wine

Here’s a prime example of an outdated (and sexist) saying:

“It is often that said women age like milk, and men age like fine wine.” 

Here’s some news for anyone reading this in 2022: Anyone, male or female can age like fine wine. Not to mention it’s also terribly rude to imply that women somehow lose their value with the passage of time.

To all our sisters out there celebrating women’s day this month, this is exactly how you can age like fine wine while living life in bustling Singapore (without breaking the bank, of course).

It involves your physical, financial and mental health.


Lead an active lifestyle

Singapore might be small, but there’s a wide variety of activities you can do to keep fit. A sedentary life is the recipe for health issues later on in life! 

Apart from the usual suspects; yoga, jogging or hitting the gym, there are plenty of ways to have an active lifestyle. In recent years, pole-dancing classes have taken off in Singapore; it’s a great way to get your resistance training, cardio and flexibility all done in one session.

The recent pandemic boom has seen many new cyclists – both on the road as well as the local mountain biking trails. Singapore is working towards creating a 75-km round island cycling route; so there’s plenty to look out for!

Finally, if you’re seeking to be one with nature the Rail Corridor, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Chestnut Nature Park and even Pulau Ubin offer lots of hiking and even kayaking opportunities!


Watch what you put in your body

As the saying goes, your body is a temple, and it matters dearly what we consume. With the decreased metabolism and increasing number of health issues that comes with age, this matters more than ever.

While exercising might get an outsized amount of attention when it comes to health and fitness, diet actually plays an equal, if not more important role.

This is why consuming all kinds of foods in moderation is important. Food that is high in sodium (salt) and sugar deserves a special mention:

High sodium consumption can raise blood pressure, and high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. On the other hand, too much sugar can cause problems when eaten in excess, including developing Type 2 Diabetes, and weight gain.

Apart from having a balanced and healthy diet, cutting down on alcohol or even cigarettes will go a long way in slowing the ageing process.

Alcohol might make you feel younger and less inhibited, but does age your body, in particular your skin. Same for cigarettes!

In addition, as women age, their nutritional needs also change. As compared to men, women have higher chances of iron and calcium deficiency.


Save, insure and invest regularly

Taking charge of your finances doesn’t come easy to everyone. We understand. That said, being able to manage your money well has a huge enabling effect; with some money, dreams or goals become significantly easier to pursue.

What should you do then? The first things to look into are important protection plans such as an Insurance. After you’ve done that, it’s time to look into financial planning to growing your wealth.

This involves a combination of saving, as well as investing. Saving involves cutting expenses, budgeting – and generally putting aside money for a rainy day. On the flip side, investing involves putting your money away to grow it for the future.

Finally, there’s investments. This is a way to grow your money by accumulating assets that will increase in value over time.  Popular investment vehicles in Singapore include stocks, property, savings plans, as well as CPF!

By insuring, saving and investing early on, you can set your mind at ease, knowing that financial and retirement goals are well within reach. 


Do not skimp on your mental health

It can be stressful living in an extremely competitive world, where we are constantly trying to be productive. The past two years have also made social gatherings challenging, and life a lot lonelier.

The result is that many lead extremely stressful lives. This can be damaging to their mental health, which is equally important as our physical health.

To make matters worse, there’s a stigma attached to the term ‘mental illness or ‘mental disorder’, which makes many avoid seeking treatment or going to therapy. It’s important to not neglect your mental health, and a visit to a therapist or counsellor might be well worth the money.

Apart from that, regular exercise, hobbies and spending times with trusted friends will do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Studies have also shown that spending time in nature, as well as creative expression also help!


Age gracefully and live well

Growing old is one of the things that makes life beautiful and makes our time on earth limited and valuable.

So yes, while we often lament about how we’re getting further away from youth, it’s equally important to remember that there’s the potential to grow wiser and wealthier with age. 

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