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Horse in the year of the wood dragon

Horse in the year of the wood dragon

2024 Chinese zodiac predictions by Fengshui master Mark Tan from Way Fengshui

Feb 09, 2024

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Challenges are all about perception – stay prepared for life’s uncertainties, connect with us below.

Hi friends who are born in the year of the Horse. 2024 is going to be a very busy year. You are ranked 9 out of 12 in the zodiac ranking. Your stars are quite good but this is going to be a busy year for you.

First, you have Fu Chen emotional star and Xue Ren Bloodshed star for you to watch out for a little bit more. Which means that this year, if you overwhelm yourself with responsibilities, if you are doing too many things at the same time, it is easy for your emotions to fluctuate and for you to lose your cool in important moments. And on top of that you have the Xue Ren bloodshed star that tells you that it’s easy for you to get into injuries throughout the year. What I’ll do (if I were you), is I’ll take care of my personal safety and make sure I don’t put too much on my plate.

However, you have good career stars – the Tian Jie lucky star and Jie Shen resolution start which means that you will be really good at solving problems. Everybody will be coming to you for solutions and will need more time and resources from you. On top of that, you have the Ba Zhuo achievement star which means that this year, your investment luck is quite good. So if I were born in the year of the Horse, I will make sure I don’t have too much on my plate and concentrate on making money and advancing my career.

If you want your benefactors to come close to you, make sure you use more of the red, orange, yellow and brown colours in 2024.

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