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Savings Goal

Everyone has different goals. It could be buying that dream house or travelling around the world. Whatever it may be, you know that the earlier you start, the faster you'll make your dreams come true. Use our handy calculator to find out how.

How much do you want to save?

Based on today's cost of living
Based on today's cost of living

How many years are you planning to save for to reach your goal?


To achieve your goal

You plan to save for
10 years
To reach your saving goal of

Factoring an annual inflation rate of
the future value of your desired saving in
years is S$134,391.64
Assuming you are able to generate
% annual investment rate of return, the amount you need to save monthly from now on is

How do I start?

The above may sound hard to achieve, but we can help. At Great Eastern Life, we build solutions made to see you reach your goals. Simply contact a Great Eastern Financial Representative now for advice. Or click on the button below to learn more about our selection of relevant plans!

Note: This calculator is intended to provide estimates only. Please speak to a licensed Great Eastern Financial Representative for a recommendation tailored to your specific needs.