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GREAT Dengue Care

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GREAT Dengue Care | Complimentary Dengue Coverage

Live #Lifeproof with our complimentary 12 months GREAT Dengue Care

Dengue fever can be life threatening and may require hospitalisation. Stay covered with the complimentary GREAT Dengue Care for you and your children1


This complimentary coverage is available from 17 May 2022 to 16 August 2022. Invitation for registrations are sent out by our Financial Representatives. 

Key Benefits

GREAT Dengue Care Get Well Benefit

Get Well Benefit

Receive a lump sum of S$200 upon diagnosis of dengue fever2

GREAT Dengue Care Death Benefit

Death Benefit

S$10,000 death benefit due to dengue fever - within 14 days of diagnosis2

GREAT Dengue Care Hospitalisation Benefit

Hospitalisation Benefit

Receive a lump sum of S$1,500 if hospitalised in a Singapore hospital for a minimum of 5 consecutive days, solely due to dengue fever2

Contact your Great Eastern Financial Representative to sign up! Don't have a Great Eastern Representative?

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