Great Fam-tastic Sale

Great Fam-tastic Sale

Great savings. Greater protection.

Save up to 30% on our range of home, travel, life and health insurance plans now.

Start planning now to give yourself and your loved ones an all-rounded protection. Take advantage of the Great Fam-tastic Sale as it promises fantastic savings and special rewards for every family member from now till 31 December 2023. Terms and conditions apply.

Safeguard your family home and away

Great Fam-tastic Sale - TravelSmart Premier
TravelSmart Premier (Family Cover)
Going for your year-end family holiday? Here’s how the whole family can explore the world without worries.
Benefits include:
  • Up to S$1 million emergency medical evacuation coverage
  • Up to S$10,0001 coverage for loss of or damage to baggage
  • Extended COVID-192 coverage of up to S$5,0003 per insured for trip cancellations or disruptions

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Great Fam-tastic Sale - HomeGR8 Plus
HomeGR8 Plus

Protect your beautiful home and all your precious belongings with all-risks coverage.

Benefits include:
  • All risks coverage for building, renovations and home contents 
  • Enhanced coverage with First Loss Protection
  • Personal liability coverage

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Safeguard your family from accidents

Great Fam-tastic Sale - GREAT Junior Protector
GREAT Junior Protector
Safeguard your precious little ones against the unexpected for as little as S$0.69* per day.
Benefits include:
  • Up to 3 times payout upon Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement4
  • Up to S$150 daily hospital cash for 41 specified Infectious Diseases
  • Up to S$9,000 accidental medical expense reimbursement

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Great Fam-tastic Sale - GREAT Protector Active
GREAT Protector Active
Perfect for your active lifestyle as this personal accident plan gives you the assurance of high protection of up to S$3 million against the unexpected.
Benefits include:
  • Up to S$3 million coverage at affordable premiums
  • Boosted coverage of up to 1.5 times5 when you are out and about
  • Up to S$7,500 in accidental medical expense reimbursement

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Safeguard your health and those you care about

Great Fam-tastic Sale - GREAT Term
GREAT Term with Complete Living Care Rider
Give yourself and your family members up to a lifetime protection with the flexibility to enhance with critical illness coverage.
Benefits include:
  • Affordable and highly customisable coverage
  • Plus, assurance to convert to a life policy

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Great Fam-tastic Sale - GREAT Critical Cover Series
GREAT Critical Cover Series
Get the critical illness coverage that continues over and over again6, even after the first claim.
Benefits include:
  • Coverage against 53 critical illnesses or top 3 critical illness conditions - cancer, heart attack or stroke - with 100% payout~ regardless of stage diagnosed
  • Continued coverage at 100% payout against relapse and different critical illness6
  • Plus, flexibility in your choice of coverage

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Gift Credits for existing customers
Gift Credits for existing customers

Use your credits to offset up to 10% of your purchase (all plans listed on this page are eligible).

Understand the details

* Daily rates are based on the annual premiums of GREAT Junior Protector Plan A, B and C, divided by 365 days and rounded off to the nearest cent. The premium rates for this policy are not guaranteed and may be adjusted based on future experience.

# Subject to terms and conditions.

~ Exclusions apply. Please refer to the Product Summary for more details on the benefit terms and conditions.

1 Maximum of S$10,000 coverage is applicable for Elite plan, family cover only.

2 COVID-19 extension is applicable up to 90 days each trip for Elite and Classic single trip 2-way plans and annual multi-trip plans.

3 Maximum of S$5,000 coverage is applicable for Elite plan only.

4 Applicable only to claims where Life Assured suffers an accident while on Public Conveyance or Private Motor Car, or accident due to a Personal Mobility Device.

5 Applicable only when Life Assured is injured in a public conveyance as a passenger, in a road traffic accident as a passenger, pedestrian or cyclist or any accident overseas.

6 Subject to terms and conditions when supplemented with the Protect Me Again rider: Coverage restores to 100% after 12 months from the date of diagnosis for the most recently diagnosed critical illness, for a subsequent claim of a different critical illness. Coverage restores to 100% after 24 months from the date of diagnosis of the immediately preceding applicable critical illness for recurrent critical illness.

Please refer to the Product Summary for more details on the benefit terms and conditions.

Product benefits are subject to terms and conditions.

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

TravelSmart Premier and HomeGR8 Plus are underwritten by Great Eastern General Insurance Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings Limited and a member of the OCBC Group.

The above is for general information only. It is not a contract of insurance. The precise terms and conditions of these insurance plans are specified in the policy contract.

As these products have no savings or investment feature, there is no cash value if the policy ends or is terminated prematurely.

It is usually detrimental to replace an existing accident and health plan with a new one. A penalty may be imposed for early plan termination and the new plan may cost more, or have less benefits at the same cost.

This is only product information provided to us. You may wish to seek advice from a qualified adviser before buying the product. If you choose not to seek advice from a qualified adviser, you should consider whether the product is suitable for you. If you decide that the policy is not suitable after purchasing the policy, you may terminate the policy in accordance with the free-look provision, if any, and the insurer may recover from you any expense incurred by the insurer in underwriting the policy.

These policies are protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us or visit the General Insurance Association (GIA), Life Insurance Association (LIA) or SDIC websites (, or

Information is correct as at 6 November 2023.

Terms and Conditions

1. This Promotion from The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited (“GELS”) shall run from 6 November 2023 to 31 December 2023 (both dates inclusive) and is open to existing customers of GELS (“policyholder(s)”) only.

2. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Promotion, policyholders who purchase any of the plans as set out below (“Qualifying Plan(s)”) will get to enjoy the following reward (“Reward”):-

Qualifying Plans Reward per plan
GREAT Junior Protector
2,000 GREAT Dollars (worth S$20)
GREAT Protector Active

3. To be eligible for the Promotion, GELS has to receive the application of the Qualifying Plan(s) from the policyholder within the New Business Submission period and the plan(s) have to be in force by the Policy Inforce date as set below:-

New Business Submission period Policy Inforce date
6 November 2023 – 31 December 2023
(both dates inclusive)
31 January 2024

4. GELS reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions or extend or withdraw the Promotion at any time without prior notice. The decision of GELS on all matters relating to the Promotion shall be final and binding on all customers.

5. By participating in the Promotion, you agree and consent to GELS and its related corporations (collectively, the “Companies”), as well as their respective representatives, agents, authorised service providers and relevant third parties (the Companies and all the other foregoing parties, collectively, “Great Eastern Persons”), collecting, using and/or disclosing your personal data, for purposes reasonably required by the Companies to administer the Promotion and such other purposes as described in GELS’s Privacy Statement which is accessible from GELS’s website, which you confirm you have read and understood.

Your consent herein supplements but does not supersede nor replace any other consents that you may have previously provided to Great Eastern Persons, and your consent is cumulative and additional to any rights which any of the Great Eastern Persons may have to collect, use, and/or disclose of your Personal Data, with or without your consent, to the extent permitted under applicable law.

6. The terms and conditions of the Promotion shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Singapore law. The courts of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from the terms and conditions, including the validity and enforceability thereof.

7. The Reward will be credited into the eligible policyholder’s Great Eastern Rewards app account within three (3) months from the Qualifying Plan’s issue month. Policyholders will be notified through SMS via their mobile number in GELS’s record when the Reward has been issued.

8. Eligible policyholders are required to download the Great Eastern Rewards mobile application and register as a Great Eastern customer using a valid email address, or log in via SingPass, in order to receive the Reward.

9. In the event that any duplicate Reward is issued, GELS reserves the right to recover the full value of the Reward from the Policyholder.

10. This Promotion is not valid with other offers or promotions (including any premium rewards) held by GELS unless otherwise stated.

11. GELS shall be entitled at its sole and absolute discretion to replace or substitute any Reward with another gift of equal or similar value selected by GELS.

12. The use of the Reward in the form of retail redemption(s) is subject to the terms and conditions of the merchants providing the relevant products and/or services, as applicable. GELS does not warrant, represent or guarantee the merchantability or quality of goods and/or services provided by the merchants. All issues with regard to such goods and/or services shall be directed to the relevant merchant and not to GELS.

Information correct as at 6 November 2023.

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