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It is important to be protected - whether it is making sure that the home you created and your loved ones are safe, or that the business you have built is able to weather any storm. 

At Great Eastern we understand your needs. That’s why we give you access to diverse and personalised plans that help you protect your family and safeguard all that matters most to you.

Protect myself and my family
Save for the future
Build my wealth

Protect myself and my family

Great Eastern provides you with a wide range of flexible insurance solutions so you find exactly what you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Life protection
As we go through life, our needs evolve. With Great Eastern, you will get tailored solutions that are catered to meet your needs at different stages of your life.
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Personalise your lifelong insurance protection

Focus on a fulfilling future and safeguarding your family against life’s uncertainties. FlexiLife is a whole life insurance plan that allows you to customise your protection, and also lets you choose when and how you pay for coverage that can grow over time.

Key benefits
  • Be protected all through life
  • Choose payments to suit your budget
  • Get coverage that grows with you
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The assurance that your outstanding home loan will be settled, come what may

Should the unexpected happen, MortgageCare is a home loan insurance plan that covers your remaining mortgage payments, so that your loved ones will continue to have a roof over their heads. Plus, you'll pay unchanging premiums only for limited years, while your protection continues right through the plan term.

Key benefits
  • Be assured of mortgage settlement
  • Enjoy joint coverage as a co-owner
  • Get add-on cover for illnesses too
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Lifelong protection that you can strengthen at key stages in life

As you celebrate life’s many milestones, you want to ensure that your protection grows to keep pace with your new financial priorities and goals.

Providing lifelong coverage against death, terminal and critical illness, and total and permanent disability1, Supreme Protect also lets you increase your coverage at key milestones in life, without any further medical check-ups.

The plan’s guaranteed insurability feature offers you the freedom to buy more coverage at any two of the following four big moments in life: when you turn 21*, get married, have a child, or adopt a child.

And, should you be diagnosed with one of five advanced-stage critical illnesses2, you’ll receive double the sum assured, to help pay for treatment costs.

Key benefits
  • Get more coverage at key life stages
  • Be well-protected all through life
  • Get double the payout
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Health protection
Ensuring you have access to adequate care is crucial. At Great Eastern, we have designed insurance solutions that suit your age group, health needs – and budget.
Be covered across three stages of illness - early, intermediate and critical

Critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke may, unfortunately, strike at any time. But early treatment and care gives you a better chance of recovery.

With large lump sum payouts right from the start, the Critical Care Advantage plan enables you to seek treatment earlier. You’ll enjoy coverage for as many as 37 illnesses, across three stages – early, intermediate and critical.

Key benefits
  • Get the reassurance of high payouts
  • Be covered for 92 medical conditions
  • Pay no more premiums after a claim
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Personal accident protection
The cost of an accident can be expensive. At Great Eastern you’ll find the right plan to let you enjoy your freedom with peace of mind.
Enjoy comprehensive coverage against accidents

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – and could mean huge bills for treatment and recovery. Essential Protector Plus reimburses you for medical expenses incurred due to accidents, anywhere in the world. And, if the accident occurs while you're overseas - and you seek treatment in that country - your medical expenses reimbursement limit will be doubled1.

That’s not all. If you're hospitalised due to an accident, Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) or food poisoning, Essential Protector Plus also offers a daily hospital income benefit, which will help make up for loss of income while you recover.

Plus, the plan offers lump sum payouts for permanent disablement or death from accidents.

Key benefits
  • Be reimbursed for medical expenses
  • Receive daily income when in hospital
  • Enjoy easy, guaranteed sign-up
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Strengthen your protection

Enhance your Great Eastern plan’s coverage with our wide range of complementary riders and add-on plans.

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