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Climb Higher With the Venture Programme

Climb Higher With USM Venture Programme - Great Eastern Life Malaysia

The Venture Programme is a leadership development programme that aims to guide Great Eastern Life Planning Advisors into becoming leaders. The Venture Programme modules have been designed and tailored to arm our Life Planning Advisors with functional skills, leadership skills, and business acumen. The participants will get the best training in performance management and team leadership. And of course, we will share the best practices of running a successful business – taking lessons from the best in Great Eastern Life. With this programme, we will accelerate aspiring Life Planning Advisors in their path towards becoming successful leaders.
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While most agents take many more years to reach a managerial role, Great Eastern Life has turned the tide by making managerial roles accessible to everyone who has met the  requirements.

Pre-USM Venture

You'll begin your journey with the Pre-USM Venture programme as it focuses on building solid sales foundation while instilling recruiting mindset among participants. 

USM Venture

Once you're done, it's time to move on up to the USM Venture programme, where you'll learn how to improve your presentation skills, strengthen client relationships, identify potential Life Planning Advisors and how to manage them. 

GSM Venture

GSM Venture, on the other hand, has only one clear objective – to build strong GSM with solid promotion. Besides training for agency building and development skills, participants will also be armed with management skills to help them succeed in their careers.

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