BT Money Hacks: Is it ever too late to start planning for retirement? (Ep 103)

jay Photo Source: BT Money Hacks Podcast


This week's 103rd episode explores whether it’s ever too late to start planning for retirement and what you can do if you’re 60 and haven’t. Correspondent Howie Lim speaks with Jay Phua, Financial Services Director, Great Eastern.

Highlights of the conversation:

The common misconceptions surrounding retirement planning (1:49)

If it’s too late for a 60-year old to start planning for retirement (4:55)

Whether reducing equity exposure when you near retirement is a good idea (8:05)

Unique hurdles to financial planning women face (9:51)

Biggest regrets with regard to retirement planning survey respondents had (11:43)

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This podcast was first published on BT Money Hacks on 20 September 2021.