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Agents of life


Meet our agents of life

As Singapore’s most established insurer, Great Eastern has been helping to lifeproof Singaporeans for over generations. But we are only as good as our people, the people who breathe life into our promise of being The Life Company, our Financial Advisors.

They are more than just Financial Advisors. Each one of them has a unique story for why they do what they do. Read their stories and find out what drives them to go beyond their jobs.

Here's to the heart and soul of Great Eastern. Our agents of life. 

'All I had to do was to ask'

#AgentsOfLife Tan Ke Xin - The introvert 

This shy lady is not your usual chatty financial representative. As an introvert, it takes even more for her to step out of her comfort zone and approach potential clients. But despite her apprehension, Ke Xin doesn't let this get to her passion to help others.

'This is the best way I know how'

#AgentsOfLife Val Leong - The life coach 

When ex-counsellor, Val, stumbled upon the industry, the choice was clear. He realised that as a financial representative, he could make a real impact on kids who need it the most

'What we choose to do or not to do makes a difference'

#AgentsOfLife Alice Mia Joo - The super mum

For Alice, it's just not in her nature to leave someone in the lurch. When a complete stranger comes to her for help, she goes beyond the call of duty to assist in whatever way she can. 

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