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Work for yourself and reap the rewards

Becoming a Financial Representative at Great Eastern Life is like going into business without needing the capital investment. To make the deal sweeter, you’re ensured extensive support from us every step of the way.
Become you own boss | Great Eastern Singapore
Earn enough to own a business

There are no limits to the financial rewards at Great Eastern. No one will short-change you for the amount of effort that you put in. You are in total control of the amount you earn, the speed that you progress and the scale of your business.

No more 9 to 5
Are you an ambitious trailblazer who likes sharing your experiences with others?

As a Financial Representative, you are in control of your time and will get to enjoy the freedom to plan your working hours.

Spend quality time with your family or take up a hobby that you have always wanted to try, and still excel in your work – all at the same time.

Work hard, but play harder
Our Financial Representatives not only work hard, they play hard too. Opportunities to travel all over the world abound. Some of the recent Great Eastern-led trips across the globe include Hawaii, Athens and Cape Town. And you could soon be joining us on the next one.

How’s that? Simply because at Great Eastern you will benefit from the recognition you deserve for your hard work. You could even gain entry into the exclusive Great Eastern Life Achievers Club or join the ranks of the elitist Million Dollar Round Table.

Realise your full potential
With over 100 years of success stories, we have an established infrastructure to provide you with operational, marketing and business development support, so you are able to focus all your efforts on achieving your full potential.

Being part of Great Eastern gives you the earning capability to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. And to help you get there, we have a mentoring programme that helps you make those dreams a reality.

Great Eastern nurtures all of our Financial Representatives to bring out the best in them. To do this we have our very own training academy: The Centre for Excellence (CfE). Supported by professional trainers, training programmes and an environment for learning, you will be equipped with the knowledge and the confidence you need to meet your customers’ expectations, and your own.

Financial freedom
Embark on a career as a Financial Representative and you will realise both financial independence and lifelong ambitions. Here’s what you could achieve:

Life Planning rewards | Great Eastern Singapore
Are you ready for a challenge?
Life planning is an extremely rewarding career that focuses on human relationships. The question is…

Have you got what it takes?

Do you want to decide when and how long you work, better the lives of others and to meet new people?
If the answer’s yes then a career in life planning is for you. Working as a Financial Representative allows you to make a significant change for good. You’ll enjoy a varied and exciting career that will change your life – and that of those around you.

Do you find planning finances for others fascinating?
If you feel good when you improve someone's life by maximising their wealth then it’s time to explore a career as a respected and trusted financial adviser. You‘ll love the challenge of an interesting career in a company that will give you an opportunity like no other.

Are you an ambitious trailblazer rather who likes sharing your experiences with others?
If you’re a dynamic frontrunner then a career as an agency leader is a great opportunity for you. With your entrepreneurial skills and good mentoring abilities you’ll soon realise your dream.

If you’re curious to learn more about the experienced and dynamic team of Financial Representatives come along to one of our Great Eastern events to find out if a career in life planning is for you.

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