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Great Eastern Life (S&P AA-)* is a leading employee benefit provider in Singapore. Our corporate clients range from small & medium enterprises to large multinational corporations.

For companies with fewer than 50 employees, our Great Employee Benefits Plus package is simple, portfolio rated and cost effective.

For companies with 50 employees or more, a customised quotation can be prepared upon submission of a GIFF form to

*Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited has been assigned the financial strength and counterparty credit ratings of 'AA-' by Standard & Poor's since 2010, one of the highest among Asian life insurance companies. Correct as at 1st July 2019.


Great Employee Benefits Plus (GEB+)

GEB+ is a group insurance packaged scheme specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). It provides worldwide 24-hour protection for your employees, including the cost of hospitalisation and the consequences of illnesses and accidents, whether they are at work or at home.

Basic Plans:

a. Group Term Life Assurance

b. Group Hospitalisation and Surgical with Major Medical Benefits

Optional Riders:

a. Group Living Assurance

b. Outpatient (Access to over 300 clinics island wide)

Outpatient – Clinical

Outpatient – Specialist & Diagnostic X-Ray & Lab Test

Outpatient – Dental  

c. Group Personal Accident

(Note: Can only be taken up with either one of the above two basic plans)

Why choose GEB+?

  • Requires only two employees with a minimum of one basic plan
  • Flexible and affordable options to suit different needs and budgets
  • Cashless facility at our islandwide:
    • Panel General Practitioner Clinics
    • Panel Specialist Clinics at Singapore Government Restructured Hospitals
    • Letter of Guarantee can be provided for Hospital Admission with medical premium of S$10,000 and above
  • Guaranteed issuance for Term Life sum assured less than S$200,000 and Living Assurance sum assured less than S$100,000
  • Portfolio pricing - Renewal premiums are not based on individual company's claims experience
  • Digital platform that allows hassle-free paperless & seamless claims submission via mobile app or online portal

Customised Plans

Group yearly renewable term life assurance

Covers death, total and permanent disability (TPD), extended death/TPD or terminal illness due to any cause.

Group living assurance

Provides protection for the employees by covering them against 37 of the most common major illnesses, including cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and coronary artery bypass.

Group personal accident

Provides cover for accidents that result in the death or disability of employees.

Group hospital and surgical insurance

Provides for the reimbursement of hospitalization expenses for an employee requiring hospital treatment or surgery. The following are riders that can be added to provide additional coverage:

i. Major Medical Insurance meets the expenses incurred that exceed the benefits payable under the Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance.

ii. Outpatient GP provides clinical coverage for employees who visit any clinics within GE's panel of clinics, where expenses incurred for general practitioner consultation and medication will be reimbursed to the employee.

iii. Outpatient Specialist Consultation and Diagnostic X-Ray and Lab Test Extension provides for the expenses incurred by an employee for consultation, treatment and medication prescribed by a specialist.

iv. Dental Care Benefit provides cover for dental expenses incurred when an employee visits a dental surgeon.

Group supremecare (3 covers in 1 product)

SupremeCare is Great Eastern Life’s flagship managed care solution covering GP, SP and Inpatient hospital treatment. By using our network of more than 500 clinics and specialists, employees can enjoy cost-effective and cashless treatments. Each company can customise the benefits in line with its compensation and benefits philosophy.

Group long term disability

Provides financial protection for loss of income by an employee who is totally unable to follow his own occupation or any other occupation to which he is suited by reason of training, education or experience, and not following any occupation.

Foreign workers group hospital & surgical

An affordable Group Medical Insurance Plan designed to meet the Ministry of Manpower's (MOM) requirement on compulsory medical insurance for foreign workers (work permit or S-Pass holders). The plan provides the minimum medical coverage of S$15,000 per policy year for eligible expenses incurred in Singapore by an insured foreign worker who requires hospitalisation or surgery. Plans may also be customised according to the company’s insurance plans to fit their corporate compensation and benefit philosophy.

Protection your people can take with them

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