Consider a GREAT SupremeHealth claim recovery

Consider utilizing the benefits of your employer's group insurance plan instead of claiming from your GREAT SupremeHealth plan. Receive up to $200 worth of shopping vouchers upon a successful claim recovery.

GREAT SupremeHealth is a Medisave-approved integrated medical insurance plan (Integrated Shield plan), other insurers providing similar medical coverage are required to refund the amounts paid out under the individual's GREAT SupremeHealth plan.

We encourage to you to recover your GREAT SupremeHealth claims payout from other parties - most typically your employer's Group Insurance (Hospitalization & Surgical plan).  This is beneficial to you as it will preserve the annual benefit limits under your GREAT SupremeHealth policy for any future claimable events.  The premiums can also be kept affordable in the long run for consumers across the board.

In doing so, you can receive up to $200* worth of shopping vouchers as a token of appreciation form us upon successful recovery of your GREAT SupremeHealth claims.

Doing so is easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Check with your company's Human Resource (HR) if you have any Group Insurance coverage provided by your employer.
  2. If so, please submit the following documents to your company's HR:
  • Group insurance claim form. This can be downloaded from most group insurers' websites or claim can be submitted via online submission portal arranged by your company's HR.
  • Original final and itemised bills.
  • Hospital (or Inpatient) Discharge Summary.
  • GREAT SupremeHealth claim settlement letter - For each approved claim, we will send out the settlement letter to you providing details on claim payment made.
  1. Your company's HR will liaise with your employer's group insurer for appropriate reimbursements.
  2. Complete the Integrated Shield Claims Recovery Authorisation Form (PDF) and send it back to us @
  3. Any assistance required from us on the above steps, please feel free to contact us at 1800 248 2888.

Upon successful reimbursement from your employer's Group Insurance to Great Eastern, you will receive up to $200* worth of shopping vouchers as a token of appreciation from us within one month.

*Please note that the value of voucher depends on amount successfully recovered. The Company reserves the right to replace the voucher/credits with an item of similar value at any time.